Lead Us Home By Another Way

Cambria RoadBy Lindsay Airey

Spirit who animates All Things,
help us to listen now.
May we abandon our many pursuits
keeping us ever-busy and never listening
to your gentle,
fierce proddings.

Guide us in the way(s) of life.
Help us release:
our addictions,
white-knuckling, fear-suppressing
and deep-seeded
May we find something more reliable
to keep us warm
winter nights.

Help us face
the pain
that is our’s.
Though we didn’t cause it,
help us find the power to face it,
and the grace not to let it craze us.
Even as we find courage
and lean into Wisdom,
who assures us:
can’t face it alone.
Grant us the integrity to go there,
to heal and mend it,
rather than kneel to and let it rend us.

Help us summon deeper reserves,
find ways to stop clinging,
To instead
fall into grief,
risk the free fall
into Her trusty embrace.
Reacquaint ourselves with this old friend,
this long-lost Guide,
banished and withheld from us
far too dangerously long.

Let Herod and his minions
get all hot and bothered;
we will keep our eyes
on the star.
Just off stage,
leading to all the unlikely places:
real power residing there,
scandalously heretical.
Beckoning us,
in all its naked vulnerability,
to trust
and go home by another way.

Help us brave the quiet
embodied work
of coming together to name:
our pain, joy, sorrow, triumph, shame.
Help us re-learn the gift
of being together
without trying to:
fix, save, teach, control, woo.
Help us detox from tired old
pissing contests,
behind screens,
through disembodied memes,
manipulative schemes,
and predictable in-the-flesh scenes:
detached talking heads,
grasping for approval,
feeding always,
ever-expanding vacuums of ego,
monstrous addictions to power that rival Smeagol,
too controlled, contrived, conditioned, compulsive
to see,
trampling over all the Beauty
that would save us,
if only we let Her have her way,
…or at very least
her say?

Help us not to fear our rage,
or let it take center stage:
becoming neither
personal prison,
badge of honor,
or simple solution
to the battered fragments
of all our disillusion.
Help us,
follow it’s fire
to deeper, wider ranges:
of feeling,
being human,
finding freedom.
Free us from the constricting atrophy
and severe rigidity
of imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy,
proliferating cancerous sickness,
untold destruction,
and just plain dick-ness.

Help us answer the long, fierce groan of creation,
the echo of our long-denied need,
to nurture greater depths of
gentle ferocity,
rooted reciprocity,
vulnerable agility,
slow urgency,
healing audacity,
and respectful bombasity.

May these be a balm to us,
joining us in your healing work,
Oh Spirit,
who animates All Things.

7 thoughts on “Lead Us Home By Another Way

  1. miamifirmbody

    I’m sitting in a DMV office waiting for a replacement driver’s license. I can hear lots of conversations, a mix of English, Spanish, and Frustration.

    What a great time and place to pray this most amazing prayer. Thank you!

  2. Solveig Nilsen-Goodin

    Amen and amen, sister Lindsay! Wise words from one of today’s Wise Women leading us home by a different route.

  3. Lindsay Airey

    Thanks for these comments all. It is a blessing to me to think the groans I am catching, and straining to put words to, might also speak to others. You humble and gift me with your words.

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