The Only Defense She Has

RandyFrom Randy Woodley in Shalom and the Community of Creation: An Indigenous Vision (2012):

Humans have moved recently from tertiary consumers to becoming primary consumers. Such change is beyond the earth’s natural cycles and recharge rates, creating imbalance and disharmony on the whole planet. In order to restore balance, the earth is being forced to “consume” the primary consumer, moving her temporarily to confront humanity with the only defense she has, namely, natural disasters. In a very real sense, the top of the food chain is now the earth herself.

One thought on “The Only Defense She Has

  1. Suzanne S Joyce

    Very interesting comment. My mind turned into a picture of earth, bound in railroad tracks; bombarded by winds, rain & fire, and her plates not knowing which way to go so bouncing off each other randomly and planes every where above her.

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