when I see you saying

By Nayyirah Waheed

By Sarah Holst

when I see you saying
that women marching
is embarrassing

all I want is for you to

to the indigenous
communities crying out
for their missing and
murdered women

the systems that make
it 35% more likely for
women to live in poverty
than men

Black mothers
dying in childbirth
at three times
the rate of
white mothers

and all the sexual assault
spinning in its violent
cycle around and around

there are millions of
Mother Marys still
struggling to bring God
into the world

I am so sorry if someone
told you that feminism
means that you cannot
be a mama

you get to be a mama
hold the weight of a
world full of sorrows

no force is more
powerful in making a
better world than a
mother’s love

your heart is big enough
to rise with stories
beyond yourself

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