This Travesty of Whiteness

RubyFrom a recent Ruby Sales “Front Porch” post to America (May 25, 2018)–in response to a report that federal agencies lost track of almost 1,500 migrant children:

We are in the midst of radical evil and spiritual malformation and social pathology that live in the fabric of a socially constructed diseases called Whiteness.

Whiteness is evil and distorts the human soul. We are in the grip of radical White evil. And our silence makes us co participants. People have you allowed yourselves to become numb?

Are we all engulfed in the quicksand of White maleness?

This travesty of Whiteness separates children from their families and holds them captives of the state and White men is a recreation of a long and sordid story of White Americans using the apparatus of the state to rip children of color from their parents and parents from their children. Many of these children are as young as two months.

White Europeans and White Americans captured Black stole and dispersed them thousands of ocean miles away from home into enslavement and sites of terror called plantations never to be seen or heard from again.

These same White Americans ripped Native children from their families during the Trail of Tears. They also forced native children to go to White missionary schools.

Now once again, the nation must ask: Where are these Black and Brown children? Why aren’t people of faith turning this country upside: down looking for them? If there is any possibility that White men have sold these children to sex trafficking where is the me too outrage?

Who speaks for these Black and Brown girls? What will it take to “roll the stone from our hearts.” Who will stand up and stop White men and women from taking immigrant children of color from their parents. I say G…Da… them.

This is one of the nine sins of American oppression. This country has always trafficked in Black and Brown bodies of children whether on the auction block , in the agricultural fields of America, chain gangs and jails.

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