Ordinary Time

violetBy Dee Dee Risher

God, this day,
return me to ordinary time.
Small actions of love:
touching a beloved’s hand,
catching the eye of a stranger,
a pause to contemplate that single violet,
all blooming purple heart.

Let the ordinary gratitudes
overflow, marking my specific place
on this earth.
Prayers of thanks
winging up for this hot cup of tea,
the smell of crushed mint underfoot,
and somewhere, honeysuckle,
air on my skin like a breath,
the scolding bluejay even,
that I am here this day
with work to do
for my hands.

On this ordinary day,
let me release my worries
in water, washing my hands,
and know that in this day
there are many possibilities
for healing, for love,
for restoration and simple kindness.
Give me that ordinary courage.

Dee Dee Risher is an author and editor, retreat leader, and activist. Her book, The Soulmaking Room, explores how we can use grief, failure, and loss to deepen our faith journey and make us more authentic. She lives in Philadelphia at the Vine and Fig Tree community. She loves gardening, cooking, and laughing with her two crazy kids and covenant partner, Will O’Brien.


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