Into this River: For your baptisms Ira and Cedar from your parents

baptismWritten by Lydia Wylie-Kellermann
with  Erinn Fahey, Lucia & Daniel Wylie-Eggert

For the baptisms of Ira Cole and Cedar Martin
June 11, 2017

With the swallows in quick flight
The willows making music in the wind
The movement of the water at our feet
And a circle of people we love
We step into this river

We step into this river- the Detroit River
The watershed in which you both made
your own watery entrances into this world.
This urban and earthy place
That has claimed our lives-
Our vocations, our learnings, our imaginations.
We bring you with us into these waters
Hoping that the depth of this place
Summons your own hearts,
Challenges your privileges and narratives,
And gives you a place for your roots to go deep.

We step into this river
Feeling the muck between our toes
Sharing space with rocks and walleye.
We enter into these waters as a reminder
Of the great community to which we belong.
May these waters call upon you to become
A disciple of this place.
Listen to the stones that hold the memory of this land and people,
Follow the water warriors in exposing systemic threats
to the water, ground, and air,
And offer gratitude again and again in the form of justice.

We step into this river
And bless you with water as a sign that you are loved by God.
We know that as we walk with you
That these waters summon you towards a life
That may not always be safe.
That these rivers have been known to lead to crucifixion.
But we pray that the risks you take open spaces for joy, love, and community

We step into this river- ever ancient, ever new.
The river of the saints and ancestors.
The river of your grandchildren’s children.
May you know that this river that holds you here and now
Twists and winds and falls upon all of the earth
Wherever you both go in your lives,
These same waters will nourish you
As a reminder of the love that surrounds you here.
Our love for you both is as infinite and powerful as these waters.

And so Cedar Martin, named for the trees and the saints
And Ira Cole, named as the watchful victor of the people,
Let us go together into this river.

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