Hauling the Sanctuary on to the Street

Marian (1)By its simple public character a measure of light is directed upon an otherwise hidden and inconspicuous evil. By it an aspect of the historical crisis is expressly identified.  A kairos moment of decision for the community of faith is named and commended and acted upon.
Bill Wylie Kellermann, Seasons of Faith and Conscience: Kairos, Confession, Liturgy (1991)

More than a quarter century ago, Detroit native and ordained United Methodist Bill Wylie-Kellmann coined the phrase “liturgical direct action” to describe a brand of Christian witness that goes beyond charitable giving and moves outside the church building to expose and resist the powers that be.  Now 70 and retired from formal ministry, Bill is still hauling the sanctuary out on to the street.  Yesterday, in downtown Detroit, he joined 250+ friends and faithful in the final moral Monday of the national Poor People’s Campaign

BillInterview (1)Twenty-three were arrested, including Civil Rights veteran Marian Kramer (above) and Bill (left).  Both were propped up by canes and body braces as they blocked the $180 million+ Quicken Loans sponsored Q-Line, a 3.1 mile luxury ride down Woodward Avenue connecting the well-to-do to stadiums, hotels, restaurants, bars and coffeehouses.  A few flashes of brilliance from the streets on a 98-degree day in the Motor City:

Valerie Jean2
PC: Valerie Jean
Greg Pratt
PC: Greg Pratt
Valerie Jean
PC: Valerie Jean
PC: Lydia Wylie-Kellermann
Carlos Santacruz
PC: Carlos Santacruz
PC: Lydia Wylie-Kellermann



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