Camp Compasión

PaveyFrom the Facebook page of photographer Steve Pavey:

“Let’s remember why we are here. We are not here to fight white supremacists. We are here to fight white supremacy.” – Jesus Ibanez, Mijente & OccupyICElou

Last Monday, Mijente with solidarity support from Black Lives Matter and other allies, established Camp Compasión / #OccupyICE in Louisville outside the doors of ICE and issued a set of demands with the message that we must #AbolishICE.

Today (July 7) a counter-protest led by the anti-immigrant group called the 3 Percenters (a hate group according to the SPLC with ties to white supremacist groups) came to create fear out of their own fears and hate. They did not win. Camp Compasión swelled in numbers of supporters who have a different message of love and compassion that in practice means that we must abolish ICE and the inhumane detention and deportation and killing of immigrants. A large number of Inter-faith leaders gathered at the front lines at the request of #OccupyIceLou leaders to stand between the camp and the potential white supremacist violence.

While the white supremacists did not win today, more importantly as Jesus reminded us, we must grow the resistance to end the system of white supremacy embodied as ICE and the whole prison and immigrant industrial complex!

#AbolishICE #ChingaLaMigra #FreeOurFuture #occupyICElou #ShutDownSessions

📷 @stevepavey #HopeInFocus


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