RubyFrom the prophetic front porch of Ruby Sales–a re-post from social media August 11, 2018.

What is liberation for people of color around the globe?

What should be the goals of our movements for liberation?

Should we imagine liberation as the right to exist and live in the world like the guardians of Empire power? Is liberation the right to sit at the Empire’s table and become an envoy for them and their interests? If the answers are no then how should our resistance and movements reflect no? How does no determine how we speak about liberation and how do we speak about our mission and common struggle and destination.

Finally what does liberation mean for White people? Does it mean the right to keep ownership of the table and maintain the power to put a few more seats at it for people of color who meet your requirements and with whom you feel comfortable? Does liberation mean the right to stay in the small and perverse space of Whiteness or does it mean the right to live fully in the world without a shriveled humanity that is constantly poised for battle and wallowing in inferiority and meaningless? If the answers are no then what should be the mission of your liberation struggles and how should it change your discourse, common struggle and destination?

One thought on “Liberation

  1. Suzanne Joyce

    Liberation is a complex word, especially in today’s world. I am white, but would I want to be “liberated” like Donald Trump ? If you are black, would you want to be “liberated” like some of the dictators in Africa? If you are Latino, do you want to be liberated like the leaders of El Salvador, for example ? If you are Asian, do you aspire to the liberation of Mr. Kim in N. Korea? What I see as true liberation is being able to do what my “best” self calls me to do to work with others who want a fairer, kinder, more just world without fear and with the support of other liberated people.

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