Prayer for a Blue Day

candleBy Dee Dee Risher

Oh God, I wake up to weather
in this world you created whole and intricate
and I think how it matters;
How sun, season, gray or blue
can turn my heart. Such a little
and a cosmic thing.

And I ponder that in a world of agony,
small things—heat, cold, fleas, dust,
broken appliances—
cause me more emotion than
true tragedies and losses;
earthquakes and floods
Sometimes I live so small.

First I pick that realization up like guilt,
a bad feeling to be dusted away,
but here, deeper, is my confession:
I cannot hold this world and all it brings
to me on screen and in word,
even in my own circle of beloveds.

And You whisper:
I did not make you to hold everything.
This world will break your heart,
and every day, somewhere,
it is ending.
 But do listen deeply,
do seek peace and pursue it,
love as much as you can.

Do light the candle of mercy every night,
though the wind outside is strong
and you know not when it will cease.

2 thoughts on “Prayer for a Blue Day

  1. lford123

    Thank you for this, Dee Dee. It completely resonates with how I feel on these blue rainy days. I too often feel guilty for what seems like an indulgent feeling in the midst of so much misery.
    This lifted my heart. It really helps to know that I’m not alone in tjis❤️

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