Aftermath of the Great War’s Armistice

ArmisticeBy Ken Sehested

The Resurrection is the Beloved’s own
Armistice, intimate seal on ancient covenant,
when the rain’s own bow arches in the flood’s
aftermath as divine reminder, animus receding
by act of divine contrition:

Never again. Never again.*
No longer will Heaven respond with drowning
contempt over earth’s profaning habit. Divine
remorse calls out for creaturely requite. The
soil itself destined for fertile bounty’s return.

Ever again. Ever again.
Let all drenched in baptism’s rebirthing tide
recall and recover the watery mark of this
death as the prelude to steadfast grace and
foretaste of sheltering wing.
Remembrance Day is at hand, whose
penitential posture stems greed’s fateful sway,
undoing retribution’s reign and sorrow’s
recoil, signaling mercy’s revenge against
every grave’s deceit.

Hallelu. Yah. Hallelu. Yah.

# # #

*See Genesis 9:13-16


Ken Sehested, on the 100th anniversary of

Armistice Day, 11 November 2018

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