An Opportunity to Connect and be Transformed

EmpireAnother important offering from The Center of Prophetic Imagination:

This weekend intensive explores the ways in which our society’s systems of oppression are legitimized by an imperial spirituality that we rarely recognize as such. The goal of this intensive is to examine the nature of this “spirituality of empire,” how it shapes our imaginations, why it is hostile to life, and and how we might begin to resist it.

Please note: The lecture portions of this intensive will be filmed, in fulfillment of a curriculum grant from FTE to create an 8-week online course. Our goal is to break the lecturing portion of the intensive into eight 30-45 minute sessions that will be enhanced with additional multimedia elements and turned into the core content for an online course, which will be released in January 2020.

Because of this, we are offering the weekend retreat for free.


Friday, January 25

6:30 – 7pm: open snacks and mingling

7pm – 9pm: Introducing Imperial Spirituality

Saturday, January 26

9am – 11am: The Logic of Supremacy (How imperialism is a twisted version of the Gospel)

11am to 1pm: Lunch Break

1pm – 3pm: Internalized Imperialism (How the bad things “out there” have rewired our brains)

3pm – 5pm: Mystical Resistance (How we can begin to resist imperialism, from the inside out)

Though there will be a lot of “lecturing” (there has to be for this project), there will also be time for discussion and spiritual practice (that won’t be recorded).

Space is limited to 15 participants max. Please RSVP to reserve your spot.

Register HERE.

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