Illustrator – Chris Booth, Ordinary Time

By Talitha Fraser

We live in times where the focus is on those things that divide rather than connect us but as Chappo (Peter Chapman) says “You should share communion together, it has a unique power to unite beyond words.

Our practices of radical hospitality and community have something to offer we know the world is hungry for and to that end we are going to share some recipes over the coming weeks that are for community meals. Don’t think: How can I reduce the scale of this to feed my family? Instead think: Who shall I invite to share food at my table?


Serves 40-50


3kg bacon

2 bags mushrooms (approx. 800g-1kg)

3 bunches spring onions

3 dzn eggs

2 ltrs cream

2kg grated cheddar cheese

2 ltrs milk

herbs, salt and pepper to taste

1 bunch fresh basil

5 kg pasta

2 Tbs oil



Half fill the largest pot with water, place on the stove on high heat. (this takes a long time so it is important to do this first while you prepare the sauce). Add pasta 1 hour before serving time, once cooked, drain well and leave to sit in the pot.

Finely dice the bacon, finely slice the spring onions and mushrooms.

Heat oil in a smaller saucepan, add bacon, onions, garlic and mushrooms, cook until soft.

Beat eggs in a large bowl with a metal whisk. Add cheese and cream and whisk in well. Add salt and pepper.

Combine bacon and mushroom mixture with egg mixture and lightly toss through the pasta.

Add the fresh basil (cut into fine pieces) 5mins before serving.

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