Second Helpings

talitha2By Talitha Fraser

We live in times where the focus is on those things that divide rather than connect us but as Chappo (Peter Chapman) says “You should share communion together, it has a unique power to unite beyond words.

For over 20 years Credo, in Melbourne, Australia, was a community gathering around food, recreation and creative art to foster a sense of home – especially for those of us experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental illness and isolation.  The Credo community believed good community development is possible when people from all economic and cultural backgrounds get together and support one another. Whether it’s by cooking together, eating together, singing together or playing cricket together. We need to foster spaces for people to develop transformative relationships with each other.  Though this community no longer exists its ethos, and delicious bolognaise, might live on in your kitchen and at your table.

Credo’s Famous Spaghetti Bolognaise

Serves 40-50


4kg kangaroo mince or ground beef

8 carrots

3 red capsicum

3 green capsicum

6 zucchini

3 broccoli

1 cauliflower (optional)

10 onions

1 bag mushrooms (approx. 400-500g)

2 large tins (2.5kg each) crushed tomatoes

1 large tin (820g) tomato soup

2 Tbs garlic

mixed herbs/salt/pepper to taste

5kg pasta

3 Tbs oil



Fill half a large pot with water and bring to the boil (this takes a long time so it is important to do this first while you prepare the sauce). Add pasta 1 hour before serving time, once cooked, drain well and leave to sit in the pot until ready to serve.

Finely dice onion, chop capsicums into small diced pieces, slice zucchinis, carrots and mushrooms, chop broccoli and cauliflower into small florets.

Heat oil on the base of a large pan, add onions, garlic and herbs and fry until soft.

Add mince and cook until browned.

Add veggies except mushrooms (in order of hardest to softest). Stir through and add crushed tomatoes and tomato soup.

Add mushrooms 15 mins before serving and heat through.

Serve with pasta.

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