The Realities of a Democratized Base

RubyFrom the Front Porch of Mother Ruby Sales (June 11, 2019).

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

You continually say that impeachment will divide the country. Madame Speaker the country is already divided from White nationalism and White heterosexist elitist White Christian patriarchy.

Further there can not be unity when Trump carries out a reign of terror against Black and Brown adult and child refugees who seek refuge at the gates of US. Nor can there exist unity when Black women’s babies are dying at the birthing stool from medical neglect in a medical industrial complex where our bodies matter less than all other women.

The Democratic Party is multi ethnic and replete with different histories and needs. There is no such monolith called the American people especially when all the American people are recalcitrant White Democrats who dream of a world that push Black and Brown Democrats into small spaces. Nor can there be unity when police shoot Black people in cold blood for crimes that we did not commit while White go unpunished for violating the law.

An effective leader with a multi ethnic base must speak in multiple and democratized tongues that reflect the realities of a democratized base.

Madame Speaker dissent is the breadbasket of democracy conformity is its death knell. Conformity is the stronghold of a culture of Whiteness where it’s guardians depend on White compliance.

Madame Speaker there is a difference between dissent and attack. Healthy and vigorous dissent that advances democracy and the rule of law unites us and makes stronger the bonds of unity.

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