My Remorse and Tears

RubyFrom the Front Porch of Mother Ruby Sales (July 25, 2019).

Feeling remorse!

Yesterday I wrote a very biting critique of Mueller’s testimony and his posture. In retrospect my heart bleeds for him. It is clear as I replay his testimony that he is experiencing a physical challenge that compromises his memory and intellectual reflexes.

I finally understood his unwillingness to testify. What appeared to be his arrogance might simply have been a fear of not being able to testify in full form. Yet , this old marine faithful to the call of duty showed up and exposed his most vulnerable self to the nation to perform what is perhaps his last duty for this country.

As I write this, I hope that my remorse and tears for the unfair and cruel remarks that I made resonate in the universe and find a home in his heart. I hope each of us bow our heads in shame for being unfairly judgmental and expecting him to deliver us from our Empire intoxications that make us unwilling to go all the way for the nation as he did.

I am outraged that Democrats used him as the sacrificial lamb or the Christ figure who would save them from making the choice to hold Trump accountable for his treason and criminal behavior. Instead of making the decision, they wanted to cowardly hide behind the cover of Mueller’s words.

The Republicans in cowardly, bullying and immoral fashion yelled and verbally assaulted a man whom they knew and saw could not defend himself. They had the immoral gall to take a victory lap for their abusive and psychological terrorism.

Finally, Bill Barr knew the situation, and he has taken advantage of it. He has used Mueller’s name and reputation to buttress his sinister and monstrous assaults on the rule of law and all that is essential to our being fully human. I say that we need to impeach Barr before he brings this nation to its knees.

I woke up this morning deeply remorseful for my cruelty and want to say not knowing is never an excuse for unwarranted and self righteous judgments. Mr. Special Counsel, please forgive me and America for putting the burden of liberation on your back because we lack the will and courage to act! Mr Special Counsel we say to you with the greatest of appreciation–you served your nation well!

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