Five Years In: Let’s Keep Composting Empire Together!

LydiaA Message from our Curators:

It’s really hard to believe that has been curating posts every day for five years. These voices have provided inspiration and challenge for those of us subverting popular and powerful versions of colonial Christianity. As we move into Year Six of this journalistic vocation, we’ve made an undemocratic executive decision to scale down our content. We believe this is good news as we’ve heard consistently from folks that it is quite a challenge to “keep up” with our daily onslaught of deep posts.

Starting today, we will be posting Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. When Advent arrives, we will post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Of course, we aggressively retain the right to post on “the other days” whenever we see fit! More than anything, we hope to keep posting original pieces, but also to start digging through the rich material from our now vast archives. It will be good for the soul to revisit the breadth and depth and width and length of what’s been scrolling on this site for the past five years.

In addition, we are thrilled to be officially and formally teaming up with Geez Magazine to get the word out that Love keeps whispering to us: there is another way to be “great again.” Geez is doing business out of the 3rd floor of the St. Peter’s Episcopal Peace and Justice Hive in Detroit’s intensely gentrifying Corktown neighborhood. If you subscribe, expect Geez to ungentrify your heart, mind, soul and strength.

We hope you consider writing and submitting what you and your families, friend networks and faith communities are experimenting with in these days of late-stage racial capitalism. Let’s keep composting empire together.

Lydia & Tommy

2 thoughts on “Five Years In: Let’s Keep Composting Empire Together!

  1. Meg Jordan

    Love, love love the image of composting empire–it makes the whole, reeking mess potentially positive and that is so good for our souls. It helps with loving our enemies while still resisting what they do and don’t do.

  2. Ken Sehested

    Good decision! Tough choices are always and everywhere part of our duty. (If you happen on an easier path, please let me in on the secret.) One small suggestion (from one with Medicare coverage, including the eyes): Consider bumping up your font size by a point.

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