Transgender Liberation Invitation

indexThe Alternative Seminary, Transfaith,
and Germantown Mennonite Church
 Invite You to

 Transgender Liberation:
Intersectional Identities, Alternate Genders, and the Biblical Testimony of Eunuchs

 Saturday, November 2
10:00 am – 12:00 noon

 Germantown Mennonite Church
21 W. Washington Lane, Philadelphia

Mx Chris Paige (formerly publisher of The Other Side magazine) will present from their new book, OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation. Drawing on 25 years of transgender-affirming scholarship, Chris will invite us to expand our understanding of the 50 explicit uses of the word “eunuch” in the Christian Bible (many of which are obscured in translation), as well as other likely or perhaps eunuchs such as Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. In doing so, we will challenge one another to live more deeply into resistance from colonized gender ideology, white supremacy, and Christian empire.

A light breakfast will be served.  A $5 donation is requested to cover costs.

Chris will be selling and signing copies of their book. For more information on the book, read here

You can see and share the Facebook event page.

Co-sponsored by Transfaith and Germantown Mennonite Church

RSVP to Will O’Brien at (215) 842-1790 or

 The Alternative Seminary is a program of biblical and theological study and reflection designed to foster an authentic biblical witness in the modern world. 

Transfaith is a multi-tradition, multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-generational organization led by transgender people working to support transgender spiritual/cultural workers and their leadership in community.

Germantown Mennonite Church is a church for those who aren’t sure if they like church, proclaiming Jesus’ message of peace and justice in the Germantown neighborhood since 1683.

One thought on “Transgender Liberation Invitation

  1. Oscar (Oz) Cole-Arnal

    Dear Mx. Paige:

    I just ordered your book for my heroic stepdaughter & role model for me & her trans friend & mine “GREGORY”/”GREY”. It is a deep privilege to pass on your fine work & community witness.

    Yours in the radically loving JESUS,
    Oscar Cole-Arnal (Oz)

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