Looking for our Advent store?

Advent 1
By Sarah Holst

Dear RadicalDiscipleship readers,

For the last several years, we have been putting out a RadicalDiscipleship store in November full of advent reflection books, kids’ calendars, greeting cards, and books. We have loved putting it together and the ways it felt like we were physically in touch with communities who read and contribute to this space.

This year we do not have a store up through RadicalDiscipleship, however that energy and creativity of making resources for radical Christian communities has not stopped, we are simply turning it over to Geez magazine’s website where there is much better capacity and technology to accommodate such things.

So, this is an invitation to head to this store. It is a place where we continue to support and honor writers and artists and be tangibly in touch with one another across time and space.

Here are just a few things currently on the Geez store:

Screen_Shot_2019-11-15_at_10.58.21_AM__1_400_437Joyful Resistance Box

Trouble finding the right gift for your progressive-but-not-yet-radical minister, your post-Christian crush, that one flip phone-using friend, or your activist, vegan grandkid?
Give the gift of Geez.


  • Growing Season 2020 Calendar by Molly Costello
  • Glass Star by DortDesigns
  • Beeswax Candle by Green Toe Gardens
  • Handmade clay Ornament by the Geez staff
  • Geez buttons and “Mini Book: A Beginner’s Guide to Contemplation”
  • And a 1-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to Geez magazine!


KidsMovementCalendar_2018_preview2_400_400_90Rebels and Saints: A Perpetual Movement Calendar for Kids

Made last year for RadicalDiscipleship.net. Edited by Kate Foran and Lydia Wylie-Kellermann. Woodcuts by Julia Jack-Scott. Designed by Lucia Wylie-Eggert.

A wall hanging perpetual calendar listing movement leaders’ birthdays and historic moments. It also includes a small resource book for parents or communities on ideas of how to use the calendar and lists of children’s books to accompany the calendar.



subscribe_promo_large_2014Give the Gift of Geez!

Tommy and I both consider Geez a sister project. We hope to continue to cross-pollinate between the projects. So, we would be delighted if you would subscribe to Geez or give it as a gift to those you love.


In 2020, we are planning on conspiring to do another edition of the Advent reflection book. In the meantime, deep love and gratitude to you all. We are looking forward to reading Advent prayers alongside you in this coming season.

With love and light,
Lydia Wylie-Kellermann
Co-curator of RadicalDiscipleship.net and editor of Geez magazine

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