word made flesh

Bridge Lichen2By Jim Perkinson, for the St. Peter’s Episcopal community in Detroit, MI (12/29/19) on Psalm 147 and John 1:1-18

re-builder of the refuge
for refugees
cloud-tailor for
the heavens when naked
and blazing with fury
feeder of flocks and herds
young raven tender
proud horse ignorer
with all his militant
sword-wielding riders
pleasure-taker in wonder-
whether from sun’s
re-birth after solstice-death
or fungi-feast for fir-tree-
hunger on haida river-bank
offering salmon-nurture
to root-uptake aided by
beaver-dam and insect-keen-and-
drowning and bear-fishing
and otter-scavenging,
with coho teens riding
and nutrient-flushed-streams
to ocean-depths of maturing
and reversing course as salt-
girthed-fish now returning gift
to fresh-water womb back
up the water-shed like
a wild sabbath dance of

resurrection—the word
made flesh indeed, from
seed to spawn to growth-ring
in weathered bark-face, and
even one hidden morn
in palestine showing wiggle-spine
and milk-pheening-cry in jesus-
swaddle on mary’s knee
the wheat-giver
wind-snorter of a deity,
right on time with sirius rising
in line with the astral kings
of orion in three-fold sign
pointing to royal birth of
the great mirth of light
come back to rekindle
earth for the 4 billionth
6oo millionth time.

and we think incarnation
was primarily in a man?

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