Rome Will Destroy Us: Resisting Anti-Judaism in John

Woman at wellA great opportunity for radical disciples as Lent approaches on our calendars. This free webinar starts at 8pmEST on Mon, February 24. Register HERE. It will be led by Rev. Anne Dunlap, Faith Coordinator for Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).

The Lent 2020 lectionary readings from the Gospel of John are challenging for Christians trying to counter anti-Jewish/anti-Semitic interpretations of these stories. The choices seem stark, and the enemies seem clear. What alternative readings could there be that do not perpetuate dangerous interpretations that have been – and continue to be — the excuse for violence against Jews and others?

In a time when anti-Semitic violence is on the rise our responsibility as Christians to dismantle anti-Jewish/anti-Semitic readings of the Bible is crucial. And given the key role anti-Semitism plays in upholding white supremacy, for white Christians this responsibility is even more pressing.

In this webinar, we will offer an historical overview of the context of John’s gospel, basic definitions of anti-Semtism and its Biblical roots, key corrections to anti-Jewish readings of the texts, and possible new interpretations that hold the complexity of the 4 stories with more care.

The 4 stories are:
John 3:1-17 (Nicodemus)
John 4:5-42 (The Samaritan Woman)
John 9:1-41 (The Blind Man)
John 11:1-45 (Mary, Martha, Lazarus)

This webinar will be particularly useful for Christian clergy, seminarians, and lay leaders committed to dismantling anti-Semitism. That said, all are welcome to join and learn.

Registration is free!

One thought on “Rome Will Destroy Us: Resisting Anti-Judaism in John

  1. Shirley Irish

    I tried to register for the webinar, and although there is a box for State/Province, it does not accept Ontario as an option. How can I register??

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