Emmaus Road Litany

Farm Church
A Farm Church gathering in pre-pandemic times.

Inspired by Ched’s “Easter Faith and Empire” article, Katerina Friesen wrote the following litany for Farm Church (Ventura River Watershed in California) on Sunday, April 26 for an adapted “Bread of Life” communion time.

El Peregrino camina con nosotr@s (The Sojourner walks with us)
When we are confused, disillusioned after hopes of revolution,
Disappointed by loss after loss, Jesus opens our minds.

El Peregrino camina con nosotr@s
And reminds us of the way of the prophets:
Inevitable suffering for truth-tellers, vision-speakers.

El Peregrino camina con nosotr@s
Not dead, but alive! Wounds, scars of trauma still here,
and a Trickster smile lighting his eyes.

Nosotr@s te recordamos, Jesús (We remember you, Jesus)
Made known to us when we eat together,
We recognize you in the breaking of this bread.
(break bread together, and eat)

Nosotr@s te recordamos, Jesús
As we look into one another’s eyes,
Strangers no more, seeing the Christ light in all.

Camine con nosotros, Jesús (Walk with us, Jesus)
Help us have faith when we are afraid,
Lead us in your way of love, confrontation, and transformation,
Your way of bread broken and blessed,
Shared so all may be fed.

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