We Vow to Break the Yokes

FloydBy Grecia Lopez-Reyes, an L.A.-based community organizer. This was written for a memorial for George Floyd in L.A. (right) a few weeks ago.

Jesus of Nazareth, you who were wrongly accused and crucified by the state, break the bonds of injustice.

We have gathered here today in pain, grief, and anger demanding justice. We gather remembering the life of George Floyd, who as Jesus of Nazareth was crucified by the State. The murder of George Floyd and the wrongful killings happening in our black communities has shaken this nation. You have woken us up Lord, because justice demands it!

Lord, we acknowledge the pain and trauma that black communities have endured for hundreds of years. Generations before us have fought against oppressive systems of power and laws that have allowed slavery, segregation, and police violence. But today we say NO MORE! Enough is Enough!

We vow to break the yokes that oppress humanity, to comfort those who grieve, to fight for freedom and strength and for the true liberation of our brothers and sisters.

Lord, we live in a world that is cruel. We heard the cry of George Floyd when he said, “I can’t breathe”- the disregard for human life is extremely painful.

May we commit to take on a fight that has already been difficult. The road is long. May we continue to shake this nation. May we vow to march, to raise our voices as one until we dismantle this oppressive system and break the bonds of injustice!


Today we mourn, tomorrow we fight until the end of our time.

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