Radical Zoom Encounters

Rev. Sekou will be hosting a revolutionary bible study for the next 8 Wednesdays

We are getting flooded with some profound Zoom webinar offerings in the lead-up to the election. Here’s a short list of dates and links that you may be interested in. Please feel free to post others in the comments section!

CRC Allies and Accomplices is presenting Defeating White Nationalism: 2020 Election Edition! on Tuesday, September 29 from 5-7pmPDT.

Since our last webinar just 2 months ago, we’ve witnessed the rapid escalation of white nationalist attacks on our communities, from the grassroots to the highest office in the United States. This movement isn’t new, but it is taking new forms. As anti-racist white people, we believe it’s our responsibility to defeat this movement.

In this webinar, we’ll analyze the rise and fall of violent white supremacist organizing in previous eras, and dive deep into the strategies, tactics and messaging that the current white nationalist movement is deploying. Then we’ll share lessons from our experience counter-organizing white people in opposition to white supremacy, and put forward a set of strategies we believe are needed in this moment to defeat the white nationalist movement – 5 Methods to Divest of White Power and Weaponize White Privilege. #PracticeThe5Methods Make sure to register to get the zoom link!


Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, Theologian-in- Residence at Valley and Mountain Fellowship, will be facilitating a revolutionary bible study on the Gospel of Mark for 8 straight Wednesdays from 9-10:30pmEDT starting on September 30.

Over the course of 8 weeks, the history of scripture, its political context, and spiritual implications will be discerned. What does the Book of Mark have to teach us about our current political moment of upheaval? How do we develop spiritual disciplines to strengthen us in ways that we do not become the very thing we are fight against? Ched Myers’ “Say To This Mountain”: Mark’s Story of Discipleship will be our guide.


George Lakey and his organization Choose Democracy is offering two workshops (Oct 1 + 6 at 4:30pmPDT) that share the most important things to know and practice in order to be ready in the event of a coup.   


Lily Mendoza and Jim Perkinson will be offering a 4-week study on Race, Climate, Water and the Bible every Wednesday in October from 7-9pmEDT. All sessions will also be available via Zoom. Email Jane Hammang Buhl at jhammangb@comcast.net for the Meeting ID and passcode. Here’s the intro to the sessions:

Sobered by recent UN assessments that two-thirds of humankind will not have access to adequate water by 2025, this series examines the way this essential gift of the Creator is crying out a prophetic demand that Christians recognize and deeply repent their history of settler colonialism. We are called to re-examine the Bible from an indigenous point of view and to undo the 15th century Roman Doctrine of Discovery that licensed Western theft of native lands.


Bayo Akomolafe will be hosting an online course called We Will Dance With Mountains. There will be nine sessions (3 hours each) starting on October 18. The course is a response to these questions:

“Where do we go when there’s no path forward? Where do we go when there is no hope? Where do we go when even justice feels threatening to our necks and our lives? Where do we go when we can’t breathe? Where do we go when victory and salvation are huge risks to take? What might it mean to make sanctuary in these times?”

Weaving rich stories, African indigenous wisdoms, myth, critical theories and feminisms together to form an embroidered fabric of invitation and radical hospitality, the course seeks to substantiate a politics of becoming-animal that is a powerful response to the impasses of our time.

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