Geez is Throwing a Party!

Dear friends,

With the arrival of Autumn, our once long and golden evenings are now replaced with early darkness. The unknowns of the pandemic, political outrage, and fragile social fabrics all feel parallel to this loss of light. Reading Geez 58: Breath & Bone has brought unexpected comfort. There is space for communal mourning in the face of darkness and reminders of the new life that only death can bring. 

I have been fortunate to recently join the team at Geez magazine, where we have been reimagining connection amidst a global pandemic. During our conversations, Geez editor Lydia asked, “What do people need right now?” 

Sure, you may need a cup of coffee or a quick trip to the bathroom – but what do you need to face the darkness in the coming weeks? Perhaps, like me, you feel the need for a togetherness that spans living rooms and borders.

Online Release Party — Geez 58 on Death and Dying

On October 29, we are excited to share that we are hosting our first-ever online release party. We’ll be featuring live readings and ritual sharing from some of the writers, artists, and poets who brought you Geez 58. The event will start at 9 pm EST (8 pm CST/7 pm MDT/6 pm PDT/+) and take place on Zoom. There are only 100 spots available, so register here to claim yours.

We are so grateful to have a chance to gather together with our Geez family. We hope you can light a candle, pour a cup of tea, and join in! 

Michelle Both
Marketing and Media, Geez

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