The State of Black America

A Message from The Movement for Black Lives.

Hello Community,

With the State of Black America coming up soon, we want to preview one of many important topics we’ll address: education and organizing in the pandemic.

You will hear from Black organizers and educators with the Chicago community organization Equity and Transformation (EAT). In a field report from Chicago, we will hear how Black organizers and educators came together to pass the Illinois BREATHE Act that will free up much-needed resources for schools and communities by redirecting funds away from racist, ineffective policing and mass incarceration. We’ll also hear from Dr. Armen Henderson with Dream Defenders and their efforts to expand COVID-19 health access to Black people who are unhoused and other communities in Florida.

RSVP for the State of Black America taking place before the State of the Union on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd at 6-8pm ET. Hear from Black movement leaders across the country. Organizers will discuss education and organizing in the pandemic, as well as climate, jobs, healthcare, public safety, and Black community self-determination.

These are fundamental issues we all have to fight for as we start to recover from the maze of economic and social collapse we have suffered at the hands of a dangerous, anti-Black administration.

Hearing directly from community members on the ground is how we keep building Black power and take up solutions by and for Black people from one city to another.

So tune into the State of Black America on Feb. 23rd, 6-8pm ET and hear field reports from EAT community leaders in Chicago and others across the nation.

In solidarity,

Movement for Black Lives

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