Co-Creating Visions and Dreams

Big News from Radical Discipleship co-founder Lydia Wylie-Kellermann. We celebrate with Lydia and her partner Erinn and their two children Isaac and Cedar!!!!

I write with big news from the Wylie-Faheys. This August, I will become the Executive Director at Kirkridge Retreat & Study Center. The retreat space is nestled in the mountains in eastern Pennsylvania with the Appalachian Trail running through.

We do not take this move lightly. The streets of Detroit have formed my political and theological awareness. My neighbors have taught me what it means to love and be loved. This block has instilled in me the power of community and joy in the midst of crisis. Detroit has been and will always be my greatest teacher when it comes to struggle, imagination, and beloved community. I love this place. Tenderly pulling up these roots will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

And yet, retreat centers have long called to me as a place where many of my vocational longings collide. And Kirkridge holds pieces of my own history and heart. Lucy and I used to craft in the corners and sneak hot chocolate as direct actions were being born and theological poetry was being sung.

As I dream the next part of Kirkridge’s story, I imagine a place for theological imagination, movement conspiracies, watershed discipleship, and radical rest. I want each of you to be part of that! Come visit and help me co-create visions and dreams for gatherings in that space.

We are all grieving what it means to be leaving in a few weeks. And we are also excited. It was a decision all four of us made together. The kids came to my final interview in May and with full delight wandered off onto the mountain catching salamanders and keeping their eyes out for black bears. With fear and trembling, we look forward to this adventure.

2 thoughts on “Co-Creating Visions and Dreams

  1. Clara Lawrence

    My VERY BEST wishes to you & your family on this marvelous opportunity for you all. Detroit will always be ‘home’, but what good things you will bring now to PA! Go in Peace…

  2. Bill Johnson

    Blessings on the transition. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to be there in Detroit with you all for worship and a meal. Now looking forward to a shorter drive for the next one we share together. PS… Carter remembers some of those earlier Kirkridge adventures.

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