A repost from @mia.mingus on IG.

All Biden’s words have done is make clear–abundantly clear–what we already have known: that we are on our own for the pandemic and the little that still remain (for some), will be gone soon (obvi wealthy folks will be able access whatever they want whenever as per usual).

Our work now should be cultural changes, so that we can get (our) folks to get boosted, wear masks and continue other safety precautions. We should be *normalizing* masks. Taking pictures (esp with others) with your masks ON.

Post about when you got your booster or when you made your appointment. shit, make an entire event out of it with tweets and stories and photos and videos. I know it seems small, but unfortunately, a lot of folks won’t do it unless enough other people are.

Talk about the fact that you got boosted in your meeting/staff check-in, with your friends, family, etc. Talk about *why* you got boosted, *why* you wear your mask.

Set a good example and think of high-risk folks in your community if you need help staying on track, hell, you can think of me, if you need to (hi!).

I am saying all of this to the folks who are reading this who are not disabled, immunocompromised and/or high risk. Do not place that burden on us. Be an ally, an accomplice. Use your power + privilege for good. You may not know it, but you have an enormous amount of influence.

Have conversations with the people in your life who are not being safe. I know it is uncomfortable. I know. I know bc i, like too many other imocmprmsd/high risk folks, have been having them for the entire pandemic. Bc we often didn’t have a choice not to.

Normalize these kinds of conversations and take a nod from TJ: don’t use shame or blame–they do not help people to change their behaviors effectively. Normalize talking about the once in a century pandemic that we are all living through bc it’s truly weird to NOT talk about it.

#covid #pandemic #immunocompromised #masks

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