Just Community

Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries will, once again, be hosting its annual Bartimaeus Kinsler Institute (BKI) next month in Southern California. See below for details. See this for BKI Covid-19 protocols.

“Just Community”

Begin your 2023 Lenten journey with kindred spirits at the 2023 BKI

Registration closes Feb 3rd, 2023

February 20-23, 2023, in person at Camp Forest Home (Ojai), Oak View, California

See our Featured Resource People including Elders and Indigenous leaders

Why: We are mindful that political and personal landscapes have changed since we last convened in the
Ventura River Watershed… What hasn’t changed is our deep need for ekklesia—kindred spirits
committed to faith and justice who gather for discernment and reflection, support and solidarity,
nurture and remembering, courage and joy… [more]

Where & When: We know that the best thing that has happened at our Institutes since 2007 is how we
and you have met and befriended each other, forged connections and fostered collaborations… Is there
a critical mass of beloveds and believers willing and able to come together again at Camp Forest Home

Ojai Valley from 4 pm Feb 20 (a national holiday) to noon on Thursday, Feb 23. [more]

What: Fittingly, our time will include Ash Wednesday. Together we’ll take time to re-boot, renew, re-
vision and recommit to the Way ahead. Our BKI program will be a mix of:

 Community curation (workshops about your practices);
 Conversation around our reparations practices in our own watersheds;
 Celebrating and commemorating milestones missed; and
 Musicians and artists, elders and chaplains.

Join us to begin the Lenten Journey together at BKI 2023!

Because it’s just community we need.

Learn More about BKI2023

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