nobuyFrom Adbusters:

This year, why not take a path less traveled?

Opt-out of the consumer fest that the holidays have become, the weeks of overconsumption that leave you feeling empty. Quit performing out of habit.

Think back to your fondest memories, those moments of real joy.

What might the holidays be like if you refused to hit the mall … let your friends know that you’re not accepting gifts (and not giving any either) … give back to people in real need … and if you do have to give a gift go indie or go rogue … make it yourself … inject some life back into that sedated and automatic sense of time.  Continue reading “#BUYNOTHINGXMAS”

Guerrilla Gardening

Luke Mattson, Guerrilla Gardener of Southwest Detroit

From Adbusters:

This week we’re calling for a massive worldwide reclaiming of urban space . . . for all you activists with a green thumb to join the global movement of guerrilla gardeners, silent revolutionaries who take to the streets in the dead of night to beautify, utilize and experience a thrill. Continue reading “Guerrilla Gardening”