Guerrilla Gardening

Luke Mattson, Guerrilla Gardener of Southwest Detroit

From Adbusters:

This week we’re calling for a massive worldwide reclaiming of urban space . . . for all you activists with a green thumb to join the global movement of guerrilla gardeners, silent revolutionaries who take to the streets in the dead of night to beautify, utilize and experience a thrill.

Guerrilla gardening is the act of cultivating land that you do not legally have rights to. Around the world, gardeners have planted and maintained gardens in parkways, roundabouts, abandoned lots and other pieces of land that are not otherwise being cared for. In a world where so many of us are removed from the land and the production of food, guerrilla gardening is a radical way to reconnect with the Earth and rewind our cities. 

This week we challenge you to get your hands dirty. Take stock of the neglected spaces around you and plan an action. Experience one of the oldest and most fundamental of human activities: The act of plunging your hands into the earth and imagining what could be.

Give it a go:

Learn more about the worldwide guerrilla gardening movement, as well as tips and tricks for planning your mission here:

This week go out there and have some midnight fun!

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