Gifts on the Shelf: An invitation to a children project

20180717_133052By Lydia Wylie-Kellermann

While I waited for my kids to fall asleep, I looked through their bookshelf nurtured by the stories and creativity that rests beside them. There, untouched, were the biographies, the history, the celebrations of protest. These ones always seemed to be neglected when the choices were made with options of talking mice, farting dogs, or gigantic excavators.

I want these stories read and loved. I want them to become part of the fabric of their ancestral history….a movement ancestry. To learn these stories by heart. I want movement history learned as a way to help these boys navigate the scary world they are growing up in. I needed to figure out how to honor the stories and bring the out with gifted anticipation. I needed to create ritual and tradition around them. Continue reading “Gifts on the Shelf: An invitation to a children project”

St. Nicolas Day


st nicholas

“At our house, we remember Saint Nicholas of Lycia on December 6, before Christmas. We think of the good bishop listening in the night to the cries of those who are afraid or lonely or tired. We remember him searching his heart for what he might do to help them.

We leave our shoes outside the door. And when we find a gift the next morning, we smile to think of the saints of God in all times who have listened in the night and done whatever they could to show us the love of God.

We delight in the saints even now who are listening outside our homes or in our hearts. We give thanks for the communion of saints who have died, but continue to care for us. They are listening and reaching to us with all their love, because God intends for all of us and for all things to be cared for and to be alive with the joy of creation.”

Excerpt from St. Nicolas: The Good Bishop of Myra by Jeanie Wylie-Kellermann