Gifts on the Shelf: An invitation to a children project

20180717_133052By Lydia Wylie-Kellermann

While I waited for my kids to fall asleep, I looked through their bookshelf nurtured by the stories and creativity that rests beside them. There, untouched, were the biographies, the history, the celebrations of protest. These ones always seemed to be neglected when the choices were made with options of talking mice, farting dogs, or gigantic excavators.

I want these stories read and loved. I want them to become part of the fabric of their ancestral history….a movement ancestry. To learn these stories by heart. I want movement history learned as a way to help these boys navigate the scary world they are growing up in. I needed to figure out how to honor the stories and bring the out with gifted anticipation. I needed to create ritual and tradition around them.

Out of that, a few of us have begun work on creating a perpetual movement history calendar for kids that would include book recommendations. The art will be beautiful. The history rich. The stories filled with imagination and rootedness in a time and place.

But to do this, we are turning to community, turning to you, turning to parents, turning to children raised in movement- to help us pull together the abundant gifts. We know it takes a village to raise children and we give thanks for the village that reads these posts.

So, we want your book recommendations, your stories, the rituals held in your home. See the questions below and consider writing. You can leave your words in a comment below or email them to by August 10.

Look for the calendar to be on sale soon through

Deep gratitude.


  • How do you teach movement history to the children in our lives?
  • Are there specific practices or traditions you have done in your own childhood or with children now?
  • Are there books you love that share this history of movements or the Cloud of Witnesses? (Title and author, Age recommendation) Is there a children’s book that changed who you became and why?
  • Are there places you take kids to and why?
  • Is there a story about your family and teaching history you would like to share?
  • Why do you believe it matters to teach kids movement history?
  • Are there specific dates you want to make sure we get on the calendar that we might have forgotten?



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