St. Nicolas Day


st nicholas

“At our house, we remember Saint Nicholas of Lycia on December 6, before Christmas. We think of the good bishop listening in the night to the cries of those who are afraid or lonely or tired. We remember him searching his heart for what he might do to help them.

We leave our shoes outside the door. And when we find a gift the next morning, we smile to think of the saints of God in all times who have listened in the night and done whatever they could to show us the love of God.

We delight in the saints even now who are listening outside our homes or in our hearts. We give thanks for the communion of saints who have died, but continue to care for us. They are listening and reaching to us with all their love, because God intends for all of us and for all things to be cared for and to be alive with the joy of creation.”

Excerpt from St. Nicolas: The Good Bishop of Myra by Jeanie Wylie-Kellermann

Onion Day

By Joyce Hollydayonions

In mid-September of 1998, my dear friend Jeanie Wylie-Kellermann learned that she had an aggressive brain cancer and a medical prediction of less than six months to live. The news was devastating to her two young daughters. Six weeks later, on October 25th, 8-year-old Lucy grabbed an onion out of the pantry, placed it on the dining room table, and announced, “Today is Onion Day.” She answered the quizzical looks of her family with, “Well, with all this dying going on, we have to have something to laugh about.” Continue reading “Onion Day”

Within a Communion of Children

mom with lydia waterWritten by Jeanie Wylie-Kellermann, she reflects on the decision of whether to baptize her daughter, Lydia. Jeanie was a writer, activist, and mother. She died after a long fight with brain cancer in 2005. This piece was published in 1986 for Detroit’s Catholic Worker paper On the Edge.

I didn’t want to baptize Lydia.

My love for her took me off guard. I’d only been able to see her and touch her for a few hours and already I wanted the world for her. I studied her while she lay in my arms to eat and she stared back. I cried often. I was overwhelmed. Continue reading “Within a Communion of Children”