Worthy of More Study and Attention

KapitalBy Dennis Moore

The first time I was ever stopped and searched by the police was on the way home from an anti-fascist protest.  The most seditious thing I had in my bag was a copy of Das Kapital by Karl Marx. I’d bought it on the way to the protest, but the fact that the police who were going through my stuff commented on it negatively just made me want to start reading it even more enthusiastically later that night!

Over the next few months, I trawled through the pages. It was obscenely difficult to understand.  I made pages upon pages of notes and repeatedly Googled terms I didn’t understand, but eventually I came stumbling over the finish line to the end of the book. Soon after, I went through it twice more–once with a local Marxist reading group and once with the aid of David Harvey’s free online lectures. Since then I’ve gone on to read many more works by both Marx and Engels, a few by Lenin and a number of more modern Marxist articles and pamphlets and even contributed a few of my own to a Marxist journal. Continue reading “Worthy of More Study and Attention”