10 Years Later: The Greensboro Truth & Community Reconciliation Project

NelsonFrom Nelson Johnson, pastor of Faith Community Church in Greensboro, NC and co-founder of the Beloved Community Center and Greensboro Truth and Community Reconciliation Project (which concluded in 2006)–quoted from Ambassadors of Reconciliation, Volume II (2011, Enns and Myers):

A public discussion about a historic event that focuses only on culpability—who was right, who was wrong, or whether the government was involved—isn’t enough. These are important moral questions, and I am fighting to answer them, but at the end of the day the TRC must lead to a therefore: If this be true, what shall we do?   People will not rush to embrace something that doesn’t make any difference for their lives. That would be like having a good discussion in church about the Bible, but when the flood comes everybody drowns anyway. If behavior doesn’t change, if people are still starving, if their children are still going to jail, TRCs will not be embraced. In order for TRCs to avoid becoming domesticated, as have so many other great political innovations, they must stay connected to real life. Continue reading “10 Years Later: The Greensboro Truth & Community Reconciliation Project”

Doing Justice 52 Weeks of the Year

julia 2I wrote this list of practices for the calendar Wretch. You can see more details or purchase the calendar here.

By Lydia Wylie-Kellermann

My own calendar fills so quickly with fast paced, endless commitments and lists, while I long for a different kind of schedule- one with reminders to slow down, pay attention, listen, learn, remember, bake, plant, resist, and build the Beloved Community. Continue reading “Doing Justice 52 Weeks of the Year”