Doing Justice 52 Weeks of the Year

julia 2I wrote this list of practices for the calendar Wretch. You can see more details or purchase the calendar here.

By Lydia Wylie-Kellermann

My own calendar fills so quickly with fast paced, endless commitments and lists, while I long for a different kind of schedule- one with reminders to slow down, pay attention, listen, learn, remember, bake, plant, resist, and build the Beloved Community. Here is a list of practices I look forward to holding close this year. I offer them as a gift to you but only if they are helpful in drawing you nearer to yourself, your community, and to discipleship. Makes me smile to think of sharing these practices with friends unknown and far away, but together in the same work.

Week of January 4- Slow down, pay attention to your breathing, welcome to the new year
Week of January 11- Name out loud gratitude to the elders and mentors in your life
Week of January 18- Gather with those you trust, read the scriptures of the day, talk about them
Week of January 25- Learn about Sabbath Economics and allow it to change your own money decisions

Week of February 1- Bake bread from scratch
Week of February 8- Invite someone to dinner that makes you uncomfortable
Week of February 15- Bring liturgy into the streets
Week of February 22- Take care of your body

Week of March 1- “Our work is building community. Everything else is an occasion for it.” Nelson Johnson
Week of March 8- Write down your vision for the Beloved Community
Week of March 15- Ritualize the changing seasons
Week of March 22- Read Set them Free: The Other Side of Exodus by Laurel Dykstra
Week of March 29- Feel outrage at the cross

Week of April 5- Marvel at resurrection
Week of April 12- Taxes. How much of your money is going to warmaking?
Week of April 19- Dance
Week of April 26- Learn the streams, rivers, lakes, and seas that make up your watershed

Week of May 3-“Don’t just do something, stand there” Dan Berrigan
Week of May 10- Plant something that welcomes the birds and butterflies
Week of May 17- Schedule real time to do anti-racism, anti-oppression work
Week of May 24- Sit under the oldest tree you can find for a whole hour. Just listen.
Week of May 31- Vigil against war

Week of June 7- Introduce yourself to some neighbors you don’t know. Bring muffins.
Week of June 14- Think about your own death and dying and what you want during and after
Week of June 21- Make a child happy
Week of June 28- Resist the celebration and patriotism to war and domination

Week of July 5- Put your feet in your watershed
Week of July 12- Watch the bugs
Week of July 19- Honor the feast of Mary Magdalene
Week of July 26- Participate in the life cycle of your food

Week of August 2- Listen to Democracy Now!
Week of August 9- Take a deeper risk for justice
Week of August 16- Play a board game or read a novel
Week of August 23- Find a way to watch the stars
Week of August 30- Pay attention to the shifting and intensifying weather patterns

Week of September 6- Fly a kite
Week of September 13- Turn off technology
Week of September 20- Sit with an elder and listen
Week of September 27- Resist violence. Embrace nonviolence.

Week of October 4- Go back to that same tree and sit a while
Week of October 11- Write a long letter to someone you love
Week of October 18- Encourage your outrage at the injustice in our world
Week of October 25- Celebrate the onion

Week of November 1- Share stories of those who have crossed over into the cloud of witnesses
Week of November 8- Listen to music from your childhood
Week of November 15- Exercise your imagination
Week of November 22- Read some Howard Zinn history this Thanksgiving
Week of November 29- “We need to honor the silence and the dark, to remember our stories, to teach the youth in our lives what we believe matters. We need to recall, to intuit, to dream the life we’re called to and then make a plan that allows us to strip down enough to have it.” Jeanie Wylie-Kellermann

Week of December 6- Think about your own birth
Week of December 13- Spend time on homemade, loving gifts
Week of December 20- Light candles and sing in the darkness
Week of December 27- Write down some commitments towards the building of the Beloved Community


Artwork by Julia Jack-Scott during the Word and World Mentoring Program.

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