2015 Ohio River Valley Catholic Worker & Christian Intentional Community Gathering

cwBy Ross Martinie Eileer
The children were the best dancers at the 2015 Ohio River Valley Catholic Worker & Christian Intentional Community Gathering, although they faced fierce competition.  Most (but not all) of the dancing occurred Saturday night at the lakeside, where the music was illuminated by moonlight and punctuated by persistent frog harrumphs.
The Gathering was held at the Solsberry Hill retreat center outside of Bloomington Indiana and hosted nearly seventy people (and three wolves) from fourteen communities located in or near the Ohio river valley, particularly Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and the great state of Chicago.

A centerpiece of the Gathering was the celebration of children.  (After all, it’s not a revolution if we can’t take care of children and the elderly.)  Parents and volunteers oversaw full-day childcare and activities, and the entire group gathered to read stories and sing lullabies to the kids at night.
Many participants commented on the strong spirit of Christian unity that pervaded the experience.  Though participants represented diverse theologies, we frequently came together for prayer and celebration of the work Jesus is doing in our communities, those peculiar outposts of the Kingdom of God.
The 2016 Ohio River Valley Catholic Worker & Christian Intentional Community Gathering is scheduled for Pentecost weekend, May 13-15, 2016 in Southern Indiana.  All communities and searchers are invited.  Call the Bloomington (IN) Catholic Worker at 812.339.4456 for more information.
Additionally, the Friday fireside music jam produced the finest jazz flute solo ever set to “Stand By Me.”  Did I mention John Fitch brought wolves?

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