Welcome the Stranger

welcomeBy David Blower

“Salvation comes to us in the form of the tired traveller” – Henri Nouwen

In the UK we’re used to hearing news of refugee camps in faraway places. But since camps have begun appearing on our own borders there’s been no small panic. And while our bombs continue to fall on Syria, Iraq and Yemen, our government has closed its borders tight, keeping out many who are desperate to be re-united to family members in the UK. 

In February riot police tear-gassed and bulldozed one side of the refugee camp in Calais, making over a thousand people homeless. A group of Iranian Christians responded by sewing their mouths shut and going on hunger strike on behalf of the whole camp.

This collection of protest songs was written to re-tell their stories and to ask the hard questions about ours. All proceeds go to Citizens UK who are working to aid the legal process of refugee children in Calais trying to reach their families in the UK.


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