To Birth a New Appalachia

WVFrom The Telling Takes Us Home: Taking Our Place in the Stories That Shape Us: A People’s Pastoral from the Catholic Committee of Appalachia:

Just as women were the first witnesses
to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection,
they have been practicing resurrection
at the forefront of Appalachian movements.
Many of the women who have
entered the world of activism
are mothers first
and have chosen to act in the name of life
for the survival of their children,
of babies in the womb,
and of future generations…

Appalachian people know
that major transformations are needed
in order for us to live in harmony
with Earth and with each other
as God intends.
Our movements must bring people together,
such as labor and eco-justice movements,
to work through their differences
and fight the forces
that are killing our communities
and our planet.

We are acting in the world to birth a new Appalachia
through four major areas of transformation:

-Transforming the Basis of Life
-Transforming Communities
-Transforming Politics
-Transforming the Church

In each area,
people are taking their place in the story,
continuing to take up the challenge
of “This Land is Home to Me::
The people themselves
must shape their own destiny.

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