To Will The Story Into Existence

DietrichFrom Jeff Dietrich (right: at the L.A. Catholic Worker) in Broken and Shared: Food, Dignity, and the Poor on Los Angeles’ Skid Row (2011):

I believe the gospels are the best story we have.  They are the singular counter-narrative to our consumerist, war-mongering, media-saturated, technologized, dehumanized, death-oriented culture.  The story of the gospels–the triumph of goodness and mercy over the powers of death and domination–cannot be proven; and we cannot accept the story on faith alone;  but we love the story so much that we want it to be true.  To will the story into existence by our own living testimony to its veracity, thus giving witness to our deepest hopes for humanity–that is what attracted me as a young person to the Catholic Worker, and that is what attracts young people still to this day.

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