Destroying the Golden Calf

golden calfA Facebook Event Page for July 3 from the Simone Weil House in Minneapolis, MN:

Uncle Sam is turning 240. In the days of his fathers, this land was abundant with forests and clean water and myriad indigenous cultures. A sad waste of productivity. His fathers, the European nations, subjugated the land and its people, and brought in new labor from across the Great Sea. And thus, when little Sam was born, he received a worthy inheritance…land and labor.

And in 240 short years, though wars and oppression and strife, he’s created a vast empire. Fueled by glorious wars, extracting great labor from otherwise useless human beings, and by taking precious things from underutilized lands.

Happy birthday, Uncle Sam! You’ve done a lot in your short 240 years!

To celebrate his birthday, we’re gathering for an evening of comaraderie and festivity.

* * * * * * * *
Starting at 6pm, we’ll gather at Simone Weil House (2420 11th Ave S) for a potluck (bring a dish to share)

You can’t have a birthday without a pinata. Or at least you shouldn’t. So to celebrate Uncle Sam’s birthday, we’ve been constructing a golden calf pinata. It will be filled with subversive goodies and we’ll open that puppy when the time is right. Make sure you’ve stretched before coming….we wouldn’t want you to pull a muscle when you start smashing capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and all the other oppressions that make our nation great.

After we’ve destroyed the golden calf, we’ll burn it in a ceremonial bonfire as we share our hopes and dreams for revolution.

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