orlandoA song from Ontario-based musician Joshua Weresch, remembering the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting 50 days ago:

This is the lever that moves a world.
This is the fist that packs a glove.
This is the tear that floods a town
And this is a heart without love.

Step lightly, please: the tour continues.
Parents, pull children along the way.
There are no places to dry your tears,
So let the wind have its say.

There go the tourists who used to flock.
There go the waves back from the shore.
There go the hands that sheltered a town
And there go the hearts without love.

Step lightly, please….

Barnabas, Bartholomew came ‘round the day before,
Multiplied the coffee, darkened every door.
In museums of our cruelty, they broke the roof and floor,
Singing, There are no hearts without love.

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