Precious Little Purchase

From Mark Van Steenwyk (right: with son Jonas)Mark, co-founder of the Minneapolis Mennonite Worker, in a Facebook post from July 6:

If I lived in a swing state, I might vote for HRC. Thank God, I don’t. I have the luxury of voting my conscience (or non-voting my conscience) without much risk.

But I wish and pray and beg that folks would put the same energy into organizing or campaigning or protesting for justice that they put into this horrible excuse for democracy we call “presidential politics”.

Every four years, our imaginations are transfixed by something that accomplishes relatively little. We squander our hopes and energies on something that gives us precious little purchase on a just future. And all the while, the wealthy and powerful chuckle in their halls of power built with the blood and sweat of oppression. 

Vote how you’re going to vote. I’m not going to mention Hillary or Donald again. I’m going to use my voice on things that can help topple this wicked system…a system that has never had justice as its goal.

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