t and lReaders may not know, but Tommy and Lindsay Airey are ending their time in Detroit this month. It is a serious loss for those of us in Detroit, but we trust it will mean wonderful things for as Tommy and Lindsay continue to write, reflect, and place their feet in new places. This is a goodbye poem for them written by Bill Wylie-Kellermann.

This old world to that beloved Word
this watershed to discipleship
roots, sweet and thirsty, to the road;
in radical vocation, wed disciple to disciple
as time to time
(What kairos is it on the chronos of Detroit?
the nation, the planet, our hearts?)

Time, just now, for these communal thanks…
for the cross-country drive, connecting the dots
a listening project of two,
for the plunge and the presence, pulling chairs into this circle,
for the story told and written, the word of counsel
or just joining the chant when the street heat rises,
for the fount of blessing from which to schlep thirty gallons over and over,
for releasing the purses, granting gifts,
for knowing the whens and wheres of happy hour,
for thinking creatively in the night,
call them dreams seeded, deeded
to a future you may never see,
for boundaries crossed and boundaries kept,
for pulling the mask from privilege, even your own
all such ways of showing up
being the summons of hospitality, thus

We join this feast, a festival of gratitudes;
harvest the fatted eggplant and the earth laden tomato
spare no garlic or pepper
bread the zucchini
craft beer, pour wine, jigger a well aged whiskey;
we hoist a cup and lift our hearts to you, dear friends
Godspeed your vocation.
we simply vow: the home you found remains forever yours.

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