Praying for a Voice

our-walmartA Thanksgiving Prayer from OUR Walmart, courtesy of Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice:

Spirit of Life/Most Divine/God/Beloved Community/Creator,

We give thanks. We give thanks for those of us gathered at table. We give thanks to those who bring us this day our food. We give thanks for the food farmers and workers collected. We give thanks for the hands who helped set this table: factory workers, construction workers, truck drivers, mechanics, stock people, cashiers, managers.

This Black Friday, we remember that we are not replaceable, we are priceless. We remember community and compassion can see us through the coming winter, storms and tribulations. We remember we are blessed to have each other after ages of struggle.

You are a God of compassion and justice, Who has taught us to pursue a more just and sacred society, built upon foundations of fairness and love. As we enjoy this delicious meal surrounded by loved ones and dear friends, we turn our hearts inward to You this Thanksgiving, Oh God, with thanks for the blessings you have bestowed upon us, so evident here on this special day.

And we lift up Walmart workers and other low-wage workers in our nation all days but especially tonight and tomorrow as they claim their voice. We join our voice to theirs; they remind us of all that we are and all that we fight for. We give them our thanks, our love, and our support.


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