Cider Blessing

cider press.jpgWritten by Kate Foran as a wedding blessing this fall.

On this day you invite your beloveds to the feast,
provide meat and drink to do justice to the harvest.
As you attended to every detail of this celebration,
you had a vision of serving the season’s cider
pressed and unfiltered
in the old way–beginning to bubble,
hospitable to the wild yeasts–
the bouquets of microflora that are our ancestors and guests,
making life from decay, enacting everyday Cana miracles.
Generations of households have observed
the domestic mystery of cider, preserving the yield of the trees
in a draught more common and reliable than water.

In these latter days, the idea of marriage might seem
as fantastical and outdated as a fairy story.
But here we are gathered, cups brim-full and raised.
And even though caution prevailed and our cider is sweet and soft,
it’s as if some ancient knowing brings us here,
and the realm of the fae persists in microbes working
their unseen magic upon a living drink.

Let your marriage be teeming.
Let your vows be like the strains of wildness
that ferment the cider, deepening and ripening and rounding out
cloying sugars and flat tannins, outlasting winters.

May you be so changed, and so kept.

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