50 thoughts on “White Supremacy (Overt & Covert)

  1. Over the past year, that “Socially Unacceptable” part of the pyramid has virtually disappeared. In the age of Trump, almost all of it is socially acceptable now. 😦

    • Because to you, clearly a non-black person, “socially acceptable” is equivalent to “shit I am only now recently aware of.”

      Y’all been sleep because racism doesn’t affect you and couldn’t see Trump coming a mile away. You’ll go back asleep after he’s out of office.

      • Tasha, I hope you’re wrong about that last part … but my gut says you’re probably going to be right. The problem is that DJT is so over the top, it’s easy to point and call him out (and too many people still don’t see the racism, misogyny, and everything else.) All the less-obvious dog whistles and nuances are harder (for non-POCs) to see, so it’s easier (for non-POCs) to decide they aren’t there. And that once DJT is gone, everything will be just ducky again. And the prison-industrial complex will keep cranking away and the dog whistles will just be a little quieter, but anyone who listens will be able to hear them without a hearing aid.

        I used to be grossed out by the double standard to which the Obamas were held just for being themselves. Calling Michelle “the Wookiee” and lack of class (compared to the legion stories about Hillary’s rages and truck-driver mouth), the cracks about Barack taking too many vacations (compared to Bush-43 and now DJT), the horror! that one of the daughters might have had a glass of wine at a party (compared to the Bush twins passed out outside clubs in the middle of Georgetown), calling out their “privilege” in the schools they were being accepted to (compared to Bush-43 getting into Yale on a gentleman’s C because Poppy was Skull and Bones.) The only rational explanation was that the detractors were enraged because they couldn’t handle a bunch of you-know-whats in their “WHITE” House.

      • Tasha, this ugliness has always been there. We’ve accepted our white privilege and refused to even try and look deeper. All of us, smug in our thought that “we” aren’t contributing to racism have been burying our heads in the sand and it’s time for us to own it and do so much better. Living in Canada, it’s not as overt but all we have have to do is really open our eyes and its there. I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I raise my voice often now and refuse to go back to sleep. That this abomination could could come on the heels of Obama’s progress is shattering. I pledge to you that I’ll stay awake.

      • Well said, unless someone has been subjected to racism and oppression they are oblivious. And I definitely have gone through this my entire life.

      • We’re just not gonna win, are we? Do you want friends or not?

        Look, I know you’re bitter, and you have every right to be. But what do you want??

      • I’m pretty sure she meant the “socially unacceptable” side of the triangle is not really being challenged as much as it should be, basically making it as socially acceptable as the other side of the line, which I took as an indictment on post election America, not a statement that those things don’t happen. And sadly, based on my walks through twitter, I’m pretty sure she’s right. But hopefully we can change that.

      • that’s a little mean, although true…but we should be workin together and this white woman believes one catches more flys with honey… 😉

  2. Racism is a word. Everyone has prejudice. Everyone! We are all humans, five fingers, black in the center of the eye, red heart. Unfortunately, there are those who use their prejudice to discriminate against “the other.”

    • Julie, I think Angela has a message for you….

      Now it all makes sense, and she would be right too. I would hate to think your poor analysis was shared by anyone else.

      • Thank you Paul your words of truth …give me hope that more and more people are awake and waking up to the painful truths about racism

    • Believing that “Everyone has prejudice. Everyone!” is either to name call, condemn or excuse prejudice in a great many people you have never met. Whether you wish to excuse or condemn people you don’t know, based upon your conclusion about the people you know is indefensible.

      Perhaps the old saw is true: “Birds of a feather flock together,” but members of your flock might not be as prejudiced as you think they are. Regardless of their feelings, your admission of your own prejudice is positive, especially if you choose not only to not discriminate, but to vigorously oppose discrimination.

    • Yes, Julie, everyone has many prejudices, but like many people, you conflate prejudice, bigotry and racism as all meaning the same thing. They do not. I think you mean well, at least I hope you do. But you need to understand the difference between these three terms. Too often, making a statement like “everyone is prejudiced” indicates that the very real fears and terrors of racism which every person of color experiences daily throughout their lives is no different than the occasional slight you may feel when you hear a rap song where white people are called out. Hearing the occasional song of an angry black person does not poison your life and soul like racism poisons the first breath of every black child. Racism is lethal. Prejudice is nothing that harms you. You are privileged to never have to accomodate racism in your daily life. I hope my comments bring you a better understanding of racism.

    • It would seem that Julie’s comments aren’t well-worded, but the sentiment, if you care to find it, is valid. Everyone has challenges to overcome. Our society builds these attitudes as every child grows and experiences it. As adults, we must find our prejudices, hatreds, maliciousness, unpleasantness, bigotry, hypocrisy, and all the other feelings and attitudes we have, then we must work to overcome those feelings and attitudes. Excise what is bad, celebrate what is good. I find it odd that someone would care to suggest they have no sense of racism of any kind. More likely, you have identified those issues in yourself and purged them.

      No one is born with these feelings. We absorb them through our social interactions. Our society has also thought that suppressing these feelings is the way to deal with them. We will bear the consequences of that for decades.

  3. We, the chosen few, live in the “Socially Unacceptable” portion of the pyramid. We exist to balance our society against radicals that would see the White Man ghettoed and subjugated. We are not the Social Justice Warriors that the internet wants or needs, but the Social Justice Warriors that the internet deserves. Heil mein Fuhrer.

    • A racist does not exist to balance anything. A racist exists because of unfounded fears and lack of knowledge and understanding of people different from yourself. You are not balancing anything. You are purposely making things imbalanced out of fear of losing “power”, “control”, etc, but are in fact setting yourself up for failure, because if you keep treating people like shit they will eventually come for you, and remove you from power, and possibly from this earth. Your ignorance and hate is not welcome, or needed to keep this beautiful planet spinning.

  4. Truly an apocalyptic comment strand, “unveiling” an entire spectrum of white supremacy! This site continues to commit to hurrying and hobbling after Jesus, pledging allegiance to naming all forms of white supremacy as “unacceptable” and demonic. This requires, from each and all, confession–a practice opposed to justifying, rationalizing and glorifying what Dr. King called “the giant triplets of evil:” racism, militarism and materialism.

  5. I was at our town carnival last night. There were hundreds of people there, all of different colors and backgrounds. Everyone was talking, laughing, hugging, eating and enjoying a beautiful night. The group that sat in front of us during the fireworks consisted of white and black. Everyone was interacting as a family. There was a baby being passed around- I wasn’t even sure who he belonged to; they all seemed so close.
    I really wish I would have seen this pyramid before last night so I could have better imterpreted the covert white racism being practiced. Thanks- now I am woke!

    • um sorry to say Sir..you are NOT WOKE..you interpreted your own experience as The WHOLE EXPERIENCE.. thats another problem with white people ..you seem to be satisfied at the answers you give yourself because it fits your comfort level in what you think is the best definition for the racism that affects POC. its bigger than you or your definition of it.

    • A feel-good experience? That’s nice, but Black people are still being shot by police that then walk away free.

  6. You know it’s almost like you’re trying to make the case that multi racial societies aren’t worth the trouble. Who wants to put up with all this nonsense

  7. Um Don’t Forget …Under OVERT RACISM…(White People Telling POC how to solve the Race Issue when White People are Not only immune to it, but are beneficiaries of it). .White People not wanting to realize the Effects of Regentrification but will continue to move in Neighborhoods of Color without realizing or wanting to acknowledge the impact of their actions under regentrification.

    • I thought the fact that it needs attention called to it (“Don’t forget”; “without realizing”) makes it covert. I understood overt cases to be the cases everyone acknowledges as racism while the covert cases are the ones that need more recognition. Are you saying that the cases you’re describing don’t need any more recognition, or am I missing something?

  8. oh one more of OVERT RACISM…White people who talk about the economic impacts of Discrimination or racism with people of color but will not support their businesses, will not buy black owned products or services, and will not go into joint business ventures with them if they have access to capital that POC don’t have..

    • What about Asian products? Why is it that when black people talk about POC their comments are very black centric yet forgets about rest of us People of Color. Black people and white people both largely ignore the overt racism they both show against Asians. As if to say: you can’t discriminate against that person because they’re black but, the Asians over there; sure, have at it. From my yellow perspective it seems like a lot of white people AND black people practice overt racism against Asians and both become indignant when you point this out to them.

  9. As a white person, I found this pyramid useful and recognize many of its elements in everyday life. Can you publish another pyramid that has elements of desirable factors and promoting of equality?

  10. I understand the point being made (in fact, I am impressed that someone could come up with such a chart that seem so sound and objective) but I would have just two minor comments. We should remember that Columbus Day was instituted as a holiday to honor immigrants at a time when our patriotism and human dignity was being questioned. Second, I think the term “white privilege” is unfortunate. What non-whites are being denied and white possess are not privileges, but matters of basic human rights and human dignity.

    • Kurt, the context that the word “privilege” is used in has to do not with the basic right but the application of those rights. In that context, the definition of privilege is a right granted to some, but not to all. Privilege is a right or an advantage that is available to some (white) people but not all (white and people of color). And in this case, the reason that it’s not available to all is simply because of the color of their skin.

      • But that is not what those words mean. A right and a privilege are different things. Freedom of worship is a basic human right. Those who practice their freedom of worship are exercising a right, not exercising a privilege. Those denied it are being denied a right, not denied a privilege. Rights must be extended to those who are denied them. Privileges can be taken away from those who have them.

  11. First of all, what does this chart prove exactly?

    Secondly, I guarantee you, all of you commentors in this thread are white and lame.

    Trump is your President now. Deal with it. Both candidates were extremely racist and going to keep the societal norm. Society changes when the people change the quality of life around them. Meaning drop the fucking identity politics and political correctness.
    If someone calls you a “nigger” and you’re offended, then you identify as that name/race/identity. It’s only language. You should be more worried about the person/context than the word. Get over yourself.

    In a society where social media is the MAIN source of news stories, you have to question everything rather than trust it. Plus, everyone thinks they are entitled to an opinion on everything now, especially because of social media. They can. But they shouldn’t be entitled.
    They should realize they’re not properly informed and continue to gather information questioning everything.

    Yet, humans are lazy and dumb. Like all of you here in this thread. I doubt any of you have experienced racism. Maybe “white privilege”….you white people throw that around like it’s against blacks and other “minorities.” Yet, you only attack white people for it and it’s only your white guilty voices pressing society. Get over yourself!

    I’d rather hang around a heroin addict than a Liberal. Once you’re sane, we’ll consider if you’re safe to release from the asylum.
    Remember to hug a child before a tree!

  12. Using stealth buzzwords and gaslighting is also a thing I’d add. Stuff like “the great replacement” / “white genocide” as justification for immigration policies is more overt and antagonizing than people using other rationales imo

  13. At the very top of the pyramid the number one enemy of humanity is the WHITE REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN MALES. ALL THOSE DUMB BASTARDS AND THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT THEM ARE NOT WORSE A ROYAL FXXK.

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