231 thoughts on “White Supremacy (Overt & Covert)

  1. Over the past year, that “Socially Unacceptable” part of the pyramid has virtually disappeared. In the age of Trump, almost all of it is socially acceptable now. 😦

    1. Tasha

      Because to you, clearly a non-black person, “socially acceptable” is equivalent to “shit I am only now recently aware of.”

      Y’all been sleep because racism doesn’t affect you and couldn’t see Trump coming a mile away. You’ll go back asleep after he’s out of office.

      1. Tasha, I hope you’re wrong about that last part … but my gut says you’re probably going to be right. The problem is that DJT is so over the top, it’s easy to point and call him out (and too many people still don’t see the racism, misogyny, and everything else.) All the less-obvious dog whistles and nuances are harder (for non-POCs) to see, so it’s easier (for non-POCs) to decide they aren’t there. And that once DJT is gone, everything will be just ducky again. And the prison-industrial complex will keep cranking away and the dog whistles will just be a little quieter, but anyone who listens will be able to hear them without a hearing aid.

        I used to be grossed out by the double standard to which the Obamas were held just for being themselves. Calling Michelle “the Wookiee” and lack of class (compared to the legion stories about Hillary’s rages and truck-driver mouth), the cracks about Barack taking too many vacations (compared to Bush-43 and now DJT), the horror! that one of the daughters might have had a glass of wine at a party (compared to the Bush twins passed out outside clubs in the middle of Georgetown), calling out their “privilege” in the schools they were being accepted to (compared to Bush-43 getting into Yale on a gentleman’s C because Poppy was Skull and Bones.) The only rational explanation was that the detractors were enraged because they couldn’t handle a bunch of you-know-whats in their “WHITE” House.

      2. Tasha, this ugliness has always been there. We’ve accepted our white privilege and refused to even try and look deeper. All of us, smug in our thought that “we” aren’t contributing to racism have been burying our heads in the sand and it’s time for us to own it and do so much better. Living in Canada, it’s not as overt but all we have have to do is really open our eyes and its there. I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I raise my voice often now and refuse to go back to sleep. That this abomination could could come on the heels of Obama’s progress is shattering. I pledge to you that I’ll stay awake.

      3. Loretta

        Well said, unless someone has been subjected to racism and oppression they are oblivious. And I definitely have gone through this my entire life.

      4. Jeff Blanks

        We’re just not gonna win, are we? Do you want friends or not?

        Look, I know you’re bitter, and you have every right to be. But what do you want??

      5. Kellie

        I’m pretty sure she meant the “socially unacceptable” side of the triangle is not really being challenged as much as it should be, basically making it as socially acceptable as the other side of the line, which I took as an indictment on post election America, not a statement that those things don’t happen. And sadly, based on my walks through twitter, I’m pretty sure she’s right. But hopefully we can change that.

      6. Pamela Fryer

        that’s a little mean, although true…but we should be workin together and this white woman believes one catches more flys with honey… 😉

      7. James

        Racism is in your post. “Ya’ll been asleep”
        It’s that simple. You see us and them with that statement. Not one people. This idea of ” It because of racism blame for immoral behavior is bullshit. I’m proud for my soul to flourish in whit skin just like anyone or any other color. Nuff said. Quit hating on whites and deal with your own problems on your own.

      8. James, recognizing racism is not racism. When some people are being oppressed, and others are oblivious, “us” and “them” have to be acknowledged, and failing to do so is what’s racist because it continues to divide us into people that acknowledge the problem and people who don’t. And if you’re about to say, “Not all white people …,” I would suggest Googling that phrase first. Telling oppressed people to solve their own problems as ridiculous as the crew of a ship telling the passengers of a life raft to save themselves… when your crew just sank the ship they came from. Even if you didn’t pull the trigger, that’s a pretty dastardly statement to make. Telling them it’s their own fault for pointing out that they’re in a life raft and you’re on ship makes it worse.

      9. Betsy Murphy

        Good points, but both sides have some work to do. The voting rate among African American voters fell as soon as President Obama completed his second term: in 2016 they fell for the first time in 20 years. Ferguson MO showed what can happen when black voters show up at the polls. We can all do much better.

      10. Brian

        Assuming that racism doesn’t affect someone because of there skin color points out that you are just as blind to the effect and cause of racism than that of whom you accuse.

        Think about it.

      11. Melody

        No doubt Trump has been an awesome alarm clock! But those of us shouting along with it didn’t make enough noise to stop the voting. I got woke by that! And betrayed by every woman and PoC who pulled that lever for Trump. The white men were a given….but the women? The Pic? WTAF?

      12. John Canuck

        @James You think that people are hating on whites because the bad shit that white people are doing and have done in the past is now a reflection on you. Well, guess what: it always has been a reflection on you, and it’s high time that white folk like you, and your group as a collective, deal with the white racism directed at persons of color. Just because you yourself have not experienced being discriminated against because you’re white does not mean that racial discrimination doesn’t exist outside of your white skin.

        It is so much easier for you to believe in “being one people” because the white system supports you in that, while at the same time excluding people of color, sometimes overtly and many times covertly.

      13. Not Tasha

        Your response is the reason people don’t care. Instead of being supportive, you’re condescending and bitter.

        Let’s fix this world, not tear down this trying to help.

      14. “socially acceptable” as used in this graphic does not mean “ACCEPTABLE” in any way that any of us here would find truly acceptable. It means that the terms listed have become acceptable “in the media” or in the norms of what have become common parlance as code language.” Or for the right to be able to use and then take offense when called out. Of course they are not acceptable. We know they are code words, like alt-right is code for the Nazi altreich. We know they are BS. Peace.

      15. T.R.

        Yep. Some of us white people are woke. Not completely free of ignorance, but woke enough to see backwards and now forwards. I get it. And those of us who will NEVER sit down & just watch are trying desperately to educate others. Unfortunately I’ve lost “friends” who want us to agree to disagree. I can’t. This movement needs to continue. Especially with Frump in office. We can NOT regress. We can NOT let the hate get stronger & more powerful. But there’s still so many who don’t see it. Don’t get it. Fear diversity. Fear differences. And who are still being taught to hate.

      16. Paul

        Tasha racism affects everyone not just poc. It’s ignorant of you to say that white people arent affected by racism. If you completely discount others’ opinions because of their skin color then you are no better than those you say are oppressing you. If no white person could ever possibly understand racism in your perspective then why bother with the opinion to begin with?

      17. Angela Garber

        Holy shit you guys.
        Tasha doesn’t have to be nice to you about racism.
        She doesn’t need to attract for flies with honey about racism.
        She doesn’t need to be your friend.
        She doesn’t even have to want to be your friend.
        Bitter? Is this a joke?

        Unclutch the fuck out of your pearls, put down your white gloves and stop asking oppressed people to make it easier and more palatable for you to stop perpetuating racism in your own home/community/office/world.

        Jesus fucking Christ people.

      18. Tasha,

        Maybe it’s my whiteness, but I read that completely differently. 🙂 I thought Jens meant that “Socially Unacceptable” line has moved way up since Trump took office, and even the things that were once socially unacceptable are coming out in the open again.

        I took it as a condemnation of the increasingly overt racism.

        And I really hope that you’re wrong about most of us going back to sleep after Trump. I thought I was already awake, but recent shit has certainly proven my worst fears; I won’t be sleeping that sleep again until I’m dead.

      19. Laura

        So true. I’m going to piggyback your reply. Take a look at a You Tube on micro/macro aggression that uses a mosquito bite as a metaphor.

      20. Leah

        Amen, Angela. “Let’s be friends, and catching more flies with honey” is simply one’s unconscious inability to SIT WITH the pain, devastation, annihilation, and rage that racism produces. We NEED to sit with it. Hear it. Honor it. Allow it. Own it.

      21. Nicole

        Saying racism doesn’t affect me is a generalization based on my skin color. I’ve experienced racism when I atttended high school that was 80% African American. I was repeatedly physically attacked because I was white as were teachers. So, although I empathize, please don’t speak to my experience. I of course,am not minimizing your experience but suggesting instead, not to generalize. Otherwise, you are kind of guilty of the same thing

      22. James

        How do you explain the 8% of voters who were African Americans voting for the obvious, documented, racist Trump.

      23. Johnny Rottensauce

        You might be the dumbest person to ever post a message on the internet.

        most of that list is complete and total bull. It’s hysterical how you give no avenue for the victims of this pyramid. It is a no-win situation. If being non-black is unforgivable why should anyone non-black ask or care what you think? What is it you actually want?

      24. Fred Conrath

        Democrats are the real racist! They use black and brown people as political pawns for votes and power. They care nothing about black on black crime. Joe Biden is their racist leader. He called school integration, ‘racial jungle’. He sponsored the 1990 crime bill that put tens of thousands of black people in jail. He was good friends with senator Byrd who was a Grand Wizard in the KKK. Kamala put thousands of black people in jail while she was Attorney General in California. Democrats are the party of slavery. They are the party that opposed the 13th Amendment that freed the slaves and the 14th amendment which guaranteed US citizenship. They support abortion of black babies (millions) since Row v Wade. They supported eugenics of blacks. The founded the KKK. President Trump, helped black Americans which increased employment, increased wages, opportunity zones, funding black colleges and criminal reform laws.

    2. bhavasindhu

      The line, at least, has been erased. Not sure where you’ve been hanging, but most of my friends wouldn’t find any of this socially acceptable.

    3. grischat

      That is asinine. Lynchings , hate crimes, etc are never acceptable- Trump or no Trump. His agenda is more a financial one- if people would just let him get to work, we might dig our way out of this mess. Racism needs to stop at a local level- with each person living with open hearts, no matter what politicians are in office.

      1. Mark Austin

        The mess we’re in is *caused* by Trump, racism, and the “financial agenda”. Quite simply, Trump and his ilk want the return of a slave/serf-based economy, where most people work for a pittance, cannot make a living, have no rights, and are used and then destroyed. A very few more are allowed a better living, supporting the top 1/2 of 1%, who are the royalty (in name, if not just in function). Everyone serves them.

        Racism plays into this financial and political system by preventing those who have similar circumstances from grouping together. Much of the South has strong numbers of whites who are very poor, on government assistance, and poorly educated. If they were allowed to work closely with Latino/a, African-American, or other populations who are also traditionally under-served and have the same basic circumstances, the South would change. But…If you keep the whites hating the black hating the Hispanics hating the gays, hating and hating and hating…no one works together.

        Continuing to propagate the idea the country was broken because an African-American was the President is racism. It may be “casual” racism, but it’s till the stinky, ugly, hatred that leads to lynchings, spitting at people, and the stupidity of “separate but equal”.

    4. John Canuck

      And @Brian: “Assuming that racism doesn’t affect someone because of there skin color points out that you are just as blind to the effect and cause of racism than that of whom you accuse.”

      Your white fragility is showing.

      If you’re white and you’re not affected by racism, it’s because you’re white in a white system. And you’re the one that’s blind, because you can’t see the forest for the trees. Likely you’ve never been discriminated against by other white people because you’re white also.

      And it’s about time you were directly affected by racism too, albeit not in the same way that a person of color would be, but in the way that you as a white person in the white system that’s been passive about owning and addressing racism and must now step up and embrace that yes, because you as a white person that has stood by and either did or said nothing in this fight you are complicit in it happening and perpetuating it.

      1. Homer

        Imagine being such a fucking pathetic beta male that you unironically believe in the racist anti-white kafkatrap known as “white fragility”. People like you need to be fucking exterminated on sight.

    5. Mary

      Racism is alive and well in the US. I was hoping that we could lessen it in our government by getting rid of a lot of the old white guys. I blindly used to think that America was this great country. How wrong I was. Other than ELIMINATING these people, what else can be done? Not suggesting that we do, but it seems to run so deep. Education doesn’t seem to work. Kindness doesn’t. I do my best to be aware and vocal when I encounter it. I have also raised my children to do the same. I csnmot even imagine the fear that us felt by those who are faced with such hatred.

      1. Linda

        Racism will not be eliminated by who is in office. Racism starts in the home and what kids are taught not in the White House.

    6. Aaron l

      The age of trump has been 9 months . What’s different from last year to now as far socially acceptable- unacceptable , other than a bunch of scumbags that have always been around making more noise . Everyone hates these white nationalist people , same as we did before. If people would stop giving these scumbags the attention they crave , it would help .

    7. Gabe

      Born, raised, and still in New Orleans, I can tell you of the racist encounters I’ve had growing up in this city. I’m a Cuban/Afro-Latin American with white skin which makes it hard for others to understand. I went to elemtary school at Jean Gordon with all sorts of other cultures. I didn’t realize till I hit middle school, Gregory how the racial divide worked. To all my classmates I was the “white boy” (one of two) so fighting was always on my school agenda. When I started saying I was “spanish” the bullying stopped. When I hit high school, Grace King it was another culture divide. This time the trouble was with the hispanic classmates, to them I was too white and wasnt allowed with them. So what was I to do? I sucked it up and learned from all sides. I comment on racial mannerisms because I’ve lived it and experience it still.

    8. I agree. We have not come very far in American Society. We still keep Native Americans in concentration camps (no disrespect to Jewish people; I have visited Dachau, and I realize ours do not have ovens). Black people and POC are guilty until proven innocent. President Colonel Klink is on video (of course he is) when the New York Five were exonerated back in the ’90s, saying, upon hearing they were exonerated, “well, you know the did something wrong”, so, like, no problem that decade they spent in prison for a crime that DNA proves the did not commit, and other substantiating evidence as well.

    9. Desijoe

      Is there anything that a person that happens to be white think, say or do that somehow is not racism? According to this, any expression of thought is racism if you happen to be a caucasian.

    10. Desijoe

      As in screaming at the sky, trashing university campuses, posing with a severe head, publickly speaking about blowing up White House, poking fun of a multilingual person because he/she does not speak English in your accent, etc. ?

    11. Koofasa

      That’s because none of those things were ever unacceptable. Can you not see racism when it’s right in front of you?

  2. Julie

    Racism is a word. Everyone has prejudice. Everyone! We are all humans, five fingers, black in the center of the eye, red heart. Unfortunately, there are those who use their prejudice to discriminate against “the other.”

    1. John

      Julie, I think Angela has a message for you….

      Now it all makes sense, and she would be right too. I would hate to think your poor analysis was shared by anyone else.

      1. Nisha LeBaron

        Thank you Paul your words of truth …give me hope that more and more people are awake and waking up to the painful truths about racism

      2. johnny

        paul my god are you insane we live in a racist system no we don’t the system is set so nobody of any race is left behind if you were to point to one overly racist system that the government uses i would agree but until then no.

      3. Cuck Lives Don't Matter

        It’s not even a problem you fucking retard. You’re just a cuck buying into (((their))) propaganda

      1. You’re wrong about the last panel. The dictionary considers what you label Pejuduce as sufficient to call someone Racist. The entire effort to promote that view on “institutional” is just a hypocritical way to coddle and exclude those whose bigotry isn’t considered institutionalized.

        There is only one ethical response to bigotry: every sentient being is deserving of a basic degree of dignity and respect.

      2. Peter Gerdes

        You’re also wrong in the definition of discrimination. Suppose I’m just an asshole who likes hurting people but could care less about anyone’s race but I know it’s something people are sensitive to. I set up a restaurant and roll a die to randomly pick an ethnic group X which I will refuse to hire or serve as customers and have big “X’s not welcome” signs posted everywhere.

        I’m certainly discriminating against members of group X even though my actions are surely not motivated by prejudice as you define it.

      3. eric

        That’s not what any of those words mean.
        prejudice = judging without real data
        discrimination = selecting among choices
        racism = belief that individual races are inferior and superior
        We each add a lot to these words, so we need to clarify that we are adding to “natural” definitions such as these when we have discussions with people. People define these differently based on their own knowledge, culture, and experience.

    2. Steve

      Believing that “Everyone has prejudice. Everyone!” is either to name call, condemn or excuse prejudice in a great many people you have never met. Whether you wish to excuse or condemn people you don’t know, based upon your conclusion about the people you know is indefensible.

      Perhaps the old saw is true: “Birds of a feather flock together,” but members of your flock might not be as prejudiced as you think they are. Regardless of their feelings, your admission of your own prejudice is positive, especially if you choose not only to not discriminate, but to vigorously oppose discrimination.

    3. Carol

      Yes, Julie, everyone has many prejudices, but like many people, you conflate prejudice, bigotry and racism as all meaning the same thing. They do not. I think you mean well, at least I hope you do. But you need to understand the difference between these three terms. Too often, making a statement like “everyone is prejudiced” indicates that the very real fears and terrors of racism which every person of color experiences daily throughout their lives is no different than the occasional slight you may feel when you hear a rap song where white people are called out. Hearing the occasional song of an angry black person does not poison your life and soul like racism poisons the first breath of every black child. Racism is lethal. Prejudice is nothing that harms you. You are privileged to never have to accomodate racism in your daily life. I hope my comments bring you a better understanding of racism.

    4. It would seem that Julie’s comments aren’t well-worded, but the sentiment, if you care to find it, is valid. Everyone has challenges to overcome. Our society builds these attitudes as every child grows and experiences it. As adults, we must find our prejudices, hatreds, maliciousness, unpleasantness, bigotry, hypocrisy, and all the other feelings and attitudes we have, then we must work to overcome those feelings and attitudes. Excise what is bad, celebrate what is good. I find it odd that someone would care to suggest they have no sense of racism of any kind. More likely, you have identified those issues in yourself and purged them.

      No one is born with these feelings. We absorb them through our social interactions. Our society has also thought that suppressing these feelings is the way to deal with them. We will bear the consequences of that for decades.

      1. John

        She MUST be referring to Julie. Julie had completely missed the structural and systematic aspects of racism and white privilege.
        I am convinced she doesn’t actually understand the subject properly and hasn’t learnt from reading the post.

      1. Veronica

        Demanding that we educate you on something that is well documented in your history is very insulting and exasperating because we’ve been doing just that for decades. And after alllof that people still come away with not wanting to put the effort into understanding and accepting reality. Julie need to get some books out and start reading and educating herself. It’s very easy to do and really shows more interest in getting involved and solving the problem than foisting that responsibility on a PoC to educate you. Food for thought.

      1. Lester

        iTs tHe tRuTh aNd yOuR wHiTe pRiViLeGe aLlOwS yOu tO nOt uNdErStAnD nOr gEt iT

        You can’t understand something that doesn’t exist. Why don’t we just detect what composes of unicorn blood while we’re at it you racist prick.

  3. Barry B. Benson

    We, the chosen few, live in the “Socially Unacceptable” portion of the pyramid. We exist to balance our society against radicals that would see the White Man ghettoed and subjugated. We are not the Social Justice Warriors that the internet wants or needs, but the Social Justice Warriors that the internet deserves. Heil mein Fuhrer.

    1. Aaron

      A racist does not exist to balance anything. A racist exists because of unfounded fears and lack of knowledge and understanding of people different from yourself. You are not balancing anything. You are purposely making things imbalanced out of fear of losing “power”, “control”, etc, but are in fact setting yourself up for failure, because if you keep treating people like shit they will eventually come for you, and remove you from power, and possibly from this earth. Your ignorance and hate is not welcome, or needed to keep this beautiful planet spinning.

    2. Joy

      You’re an idiot and the only group that was ghettoed was minorities … luckily we were able to push through and over your weak attempt to eradicate us and you’re eradicating yourself … funny how God worked that out huh??

  4. Truly an apocalyptic comment strand, “unveiling” an entire spectrum of white supremacy! This site continues to commit to hurrying and hobbling after Jesus, pledging allegiance to naming all forms of white supremacy as “unacceptable” and demonic. This requires, from each and all, confession–a practice opposed to justifying, rationalizing and glorifying what Dr. King called “the giant triplets of evil:” racism, militarism and materialism.

  5. MR

    I was at our town carnival last night. There were hundreds of people there, all of different colors and backgrounds. Everyone was talking, laughing, hugging, eating and enjoying a beautiful night. The group that sat in front of us during the fireworks consisted of white and black. Everyone was interacting as a family. There was a baby being passed around- I wasn’t even sure who he belonged to; they all seemed so close.
    I really wish I would have seen this pyramid before last night so I could have better imterpreted the covert white racism being practiced. Thanks- now I am woke!

    1. um sorry to say Sir..you are NOT WOKE..you interpreted your own experience as The WHOLE EXPERIENCE.. thats another problem with white people ..you seem to be satisfied at the answers you give yourself because it fits your comfort level in what you think is the best definition for the racism that affects POC. its bigger than you or your definition of it.

    2. Paula Clark

      A feel-good experience? That’s nice, but Black people are still being shot by police that then walk away free.

  6. Nigel

    You know it’s almost like you’re trying to make the case that multi racial societies aren’t worth the trouble. Who wants to put up with all this nonsense

  7. Um Don’t Forget …Under OVERT RACISM…(White People Telling POC how to solve the Race Issue when White People are Not only immune to it, but are beneficiaries of it). .White People not wanting to realize the Effects of Regentrification but will continue to move in Neighborhoods of Color without realizing or wanting to acknowledge the impact of their actions under regentrification.

    1. I thought the fact that it needs attention called to it (“Don’t forget”; “without realizing”) makes it covert. I understood overt cases to be the cases everyone acknowledges as racism while the covert cases are the ones that need more recognition. Are you saying that the cases you’re describing don’t need any more recognition, or am I missing something?

  8. oh one more of OVERT RACISM…White people who talk about the economic impacts of Discrimination or racism with people of color but will not support their businesses, will not buy black owned products or services, and will not go into joint business ventures with them if they have access to capital that POC don’t have..

    1. Rob

      What about Asian products? Why is it that when black people talk about POC their comments are very black centric yet forgets about rest of us People of Color. Black people and white people both largely ignore the overt racism they both show against Asians. As if to say: you can’t discriminate against that person because they’re black but, the Asians over there; sure, have at it. From my yellow perspective it seems like a lot of white people AND black people practice overt racism against Asians and both become indignant when you point this out to them.

  9. Dianrez

    As a white person, I found this pyramid useful and recognize many of its elements in everyday life. Can you publish another pyramid that has elements of desirable factors and promoting of equality?

  10. Kurt

    I understand the point being made (in fact, I am impressed that someone could come up with such a chart that seem so sound and objective) but I would have just two minor comments. We should remember that Columbus Day was instituted as a holiday to honor immigrants at a time when our patriotism and human dignity was being questioned. Second, I think the term “white privilege” is unfortunate. What non-whites are being denied and white possess are not privileges, but matters of basic human rights and human dignity.

    1. Juanita J Leosh

      Kurt, the context that the word “privilege” is used in has to do not with the basic right but the application of those rights. In that context, the definition of privilege is a right granted to some, but not to all. Privilege is a right or an advantage that is available to some (white) people but not all (white and people of color). And in this case, the reason that it’s not available to all is simply because of the color of their skin.

      1. Kurt

        But that is not what those words mean. A right and a privilege are different things. Freedom of worship is a basic human right. Those who practice their freedom of worship are exercising a right, not exercising a privilege. Those denied it are being denied a right, not denied a privilege. Rights must be extended to those who are denied them. Privileges can be taken away from those who have them.

    2. spiritualpossessions

      Columbus Day… Instituted by European-Americans to “celebrate immigration”… But do you really think American Natives look at it the same way? Just take a moment to imagine yourself in their shoes, with their history, living in their current situation, and then ask yourself what that might feel like. It’s not hard.

  11. Jesse D

    First of all, what does this chart prove exactly?

    Secondly, I guarantee you, all of you commentors in this thread are white and lame.

    Trump is your President now. Deal with it. Both candidates were extremely racist and going to keep the societal norm. Society changes when the people change the quality of life around them. Meaning drop the fucking identity politics and political correctness.
    If someone calls you a “nigger” and you’re offended, then you identify as that name/race/identity. It’s only language. You should be more worried about the person/context than the word. Get over yourself.

    In a society where social media is the MAIN source of news stories, you have to question everything rather than trust it. Plus, everyone thinks they are entitled to an opinion on everything now, especially because of social media. They can. But they shouldn’t be entitled.
    They should realize they’re not properly informed and continue to gather information questioning everything.

    Yet, humans are lazy and dumb. Like all of you here in this thread. I doubt any of you have experienced racism. Maybe “white privilege”….you white people throw that around like it’s against blacks and other “minorities.” Yet, you only attack white people for it and it’s only your white guilty voices pressing society. Get over yourself!

    I’d rather hang around a heroin addict than a Liberal. Once you’re sane, we’ll consider if you’re safe to release from the asylum.
    Remember to hug a child before a tree!

  12. Patrick

    Using stealth buzzwords and gaslighting is also a thing I’d add. Stuff like “the great replacement” / “white genocide” as justification for immigration policies is more overt and antagonizing than people using other rationales imo

  13. vincecarr


    1. Leah

      Tell them that their own personal ego-centric belief that it is a belief DOES NOT make it a belief. Then send them off to do some reading.

    2. Lester

      Tell them to stop believing in fairy tales, and white privilege is a huge fairy tale despite all the racist retards in the comment box saying otherwise.

  14. There is one item I would disagree with: the contempt shown towards the term “white ally”. It’s only racism if you aporoach the idea in a patronizing way and never consider what other demographics have to say about their concerns. If you didn’t first decide on your goal, how would you push back against the evil in the world?

    1. Mark

      It’s “self-appointed white ally.” I take that to mean a person who is more interested in being seen as an ally than actually being one. I don’t think it’s supposed to refer to white allies that (a) actually listen to the self-described needs of the given minority community and (b) work with or for said community to take action to affect change to address those needs. That’s just my take, though.

  15. Tia Oros Peters

    This is pretty good – for it to be complete, Indigenous Peoples would need to add some Native-specific aspects to it, such as the sexualized targeting of Indigenous women and girls as that relates to violence against Mother Earth. I believe that is a particular facet and expression of ongoing settler colonialism and the white supremacy complex. Also I would also add that “English only” and Christian superiority are inherently supremacist and racist constructs.

      1. Mark

        Believing that all lives do or should matter is not wrong or racist. Using it as a shield against BLM is racist because it ignores the fact that currently and historically in this country (and the western world) black lives have not been treated as mattering as much as white lives. Specifically by the justice system but in most or all other areas as well. It’s just another way to deny that racism exists, which is racist.

      2. Janie Houston

        Black lives matter has been taken so out of context. Firstly, it was stated wrong. It should have been written,”Black lives matter, Too! That’s what is being said. I’m black, so I get it. It doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter. All lives matter, but all people aren’t being held to a different standard because they are a different color. It wasn’t meant to be hurtful. It was a desperate way to say we matter too. I pray that people keep talking. I know that good change can come about if we keep talking. There are those who really want to come together as we should. We are America, not the place. Divided we fall!

      3. Bobby

        “All lives matter” is a bullshit statement when you realize that we live in a planet full of rapists, child molesters, Zionist crooks and lobbyists, exploitative media pundits, crooked cops, religious and political zealots with oppressive beliefs, and so on and so forth. Exterminate them all, then maybe all lives will matter once again.

  16. L. Robins

    Hi – I looked at the graphic and thought I understood it, but now I am not so sure. If the items above the line are the “unacceptable” ones, and the ones below the line are “acceptable,” what is the difference between the items inside the triangle and outside? I’ve imagined some ways to interpret it, but I’d like to understand the original intent. Thank you.

  17. Sarah Hagan

    Please be gentle, because I really do want to know and learn and grow.. what is meant by the following terms? (because I am working on me, to become aware of and seeking to change my thinking/thoughtless expectations because that seems like the best place to start)
    1) “Self Appointed white Ally” what are the characteristics of this? “Ally” in general is a term I hear thrown about a lot but am not clear on how this can be a bad thing. (I have mostly heard it used in the LGBTQ community referring to a heterosexual/other person that supports their rights and causes)
    2) Virtuous Victim Narrative: I did a google search but mostly came up with some articles that already assumed I knew what the term meant.

    1. Amy Walterscheid

      I think a self appointed white ally is someone who calls themselves an ally, but does nothing to support poc.
      A virtuous victim is someone who thinks they aren’t racist or privileged, and feels wronged when they’re called out.

      1. spiritualpossessions

        I think it more specifically plays into the idea of the white savior or the notion of trying to somehow distance yourself as a white person from the group to which you nevertheless belong.

    2. Lester

      They’re both throwaway terms that don’t mean anything other than pseudo-intelligent terms used by SJW scum to pretend they’re smart.

  18. ou812

    What’s wrong with Cultural Appropriation? I’m assuming whoever created this chart is not a fan of Paul Simon’s “Graceland.”

    Also, it’s interesting that “Colorblindness” and “But we’re just one human family” would have been considered radical left-wing ideas 50 years ago.

  19. Peter Gerdes

    This graphic is very loose with its terminology in ways that I think are hurtful and undermine the goal of ending bigotry, discrimination and racial inequity.

    For instance, consider the view that “good intentions are enough” or that “don’t blame me I never owned slaves.” You may think these are wrong are undermine the cause but they surely aren’t white supremacist views. Or to make the point more forcefully consider the following hypothetical:

    Suppose I am a white guy who was raised in some left wing commune in which people of all races cooperated without tension, animus or even awareness of race but which is completely cut off from the outside world. Eventually, some visitor mentions this iphone device and my desire for shiny tech lures me out and the first person I run into asks, “Society is pretty racist isn’t it?” and I, never having seen racism and having been taught growing up that it was abolished in the 60s say, “What, no it isn’t. We got rid of racism in the 60s.” Now I’d certainly be wrong and if too many people hold that view it might be bad for society but its certainly not a white supremacist.

    Now you might object that I’m just nitpicking but I think this is quite important. When you accuse people of racism or supporting white supremacy they tend to get pretty upset and dig in their heels so when all they are guilty of is not being aware or something, being mistaken or having the wrong view it is super harmful to equate what they are doing to favoring or encouraging white supremacy.

    Remember the whole reason to concern ourselves with this crap is to help make the world a better place. If you aren’t trying to do that all discussing and focusing on this does is ruin your day by reminding one how bad things can be. Now it might not be fair that change requires persuading those with privilege. Its quit reasonable to think that the oppressed shouldn’t have to convince their oppressors but life’s a bitch and short of violent revolution thats what is required to reduce the level of discrimination and bias directed against the underprivileged. So I guess what I’m saying is that at the end of the day one needs to decide whether you care more about making the world a better, less unjust place for the underprivileged or the feeling of righteous anger at the idea that one needs to be careful with word usage to avoid alienating those who might otherwise be persuadable. And notice this doesn’t involve lieing or misrepresenting things to avoid offending people merely being careful about only suggesting people are advocating/helping/etc.. white supremacy when they really have such an intention (or something similar).

    1. Dave

      Dude I think you’re making the classic white mistake: centering our own white reactions and comfort over the actual shit that POC face everyday.

      It doesn’t matter if we never owned slaves, it doesn’t matter if our great grandfather fought for the union to END slavery. The work isn’t done, which means our work isn’t done yet either.

      1. Peter Gerdes

        But in terms of fixing things it IS (unfortunately) the reactions of white people that matter. The goal is to make things better and, because unfortunately white people have the power and privlege, they are the people who need to be persuaded (absent violent revolution).

        Yes, you are very much correct the work isn’t done but getting it done means being an effective advocate. No its not fair or just that one needs to care about the opinions of white people to make the world a more racially just place but it is true nonetheless.

        Also, being precisce about terminology isn’t about anyone’s perspective. It is about getting things correct. There may be other valid reasons to object to those terms/issues but it does matter that we identify the right criticism not call things white supremacy when something else is the problem.

  20. Becky

    My granddaughter has been calling out racism since she was 7 years old. The friends she brought home were Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Indian. She was bullied throughout high school for being white. She’s actually half Native American.
    I was very angry about the bullying, but in the back of my mind, I kept thinking that it is time that white people know how it feels. Racism is hurtful to anyone and is crippling the entire world. Personally, I think love is always the answer, and the only way to truly end racism. All this pseudo-intellectual bs isn’t really helping. All I can do in my everyday life is to follow my heart and raise my voice when I see it. I have to say, I found the triangle very interesting indeed, and I learned from it. Ok, now you can tell me how wrong or simple minded I am.

  21. Peter Gerdes

    Also, some of this chart mixes up things that are annoying or even offensive with those that are advocating white supremacy or even just reinforcing privilege

    I mean consider the bit about expecting POC to teach white people. I mean I understand why it is offensive to suggest that POC have such a duty or that white people are owed such an explanation. However, if they are genuinely and earnestly asking what they can do to help undermine the structures of privilege they aren’t reinforcing them no matter how offensive such an expectation might be.

    Other things there *can* be used as an excuse to perpetuate existing privilege but can also be used in ways which do not, e.g., colorblindness.

    Finally, some of these points will be seen by those who aren’t fully onboard with your agenda as actively encouraging racist views and strongly alienate them, e.g., the “not believing experiences of POC” point. While there is a reasonable way to interpret that point (one should be open to the descriptions of the experiences of others and not dismiss them just because they differ from your preconceptions) it all but invites a different alienating interpretation, namely: one needs to treat POC as if they have some kind of special access/authority and its never ok to doubt the accuracy or the veracity of experiences claimed by POC no matter how much reason you have for skepticism or how much self-interest would motivate someone to lie, e.g., is it ok to be skeptical if a POC suddenly adopts a different story about their experience of discrimination/bias that they never even mentioned to their close friends, even those of the same ethnicity the moment that a large legal settlement is at issue…even if they have a long and documented history of fraud and dishonesty?

    Again, I’m sure I know what at least some people’s answer will be. Go fuck off, its not our job to persuade anyone to support social justice or racial equality. To which I respond, it sure as fuck is…its all of our job to do what we can to make the world a better place. Besides, if that isn’t what you hope to achieve what the hell are you doing passing around little images like this? Just sitting around documenting all the ways the world sucks and making everyone depressed about it? I mean if you don’t want to try and make the world better by persuading people thats your right but can you at least not undermine those who would like to persuade people to be less racist, less biased etc.. etc.. by creating ammo that feeds into their preconceptions and encourages the whole fox news demographic to move further toward bigotry?

    Sorry if this comes across as a little harsh. I’m sure the intentions behind the image are wonderful, but as the image itself tells us, intentions aren’t what matters.

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  23. Bernard Sanders

    This is one of the silliest pieces of PC garbage I’ve ever seen. The collection of “covert” racism is loaded with many things that are not remotely racism. This is liberal identity politics at their worst. Don’t agree with something that people to the right of you like? Just declare it “covert racism” and feel better about yourself. What self-inebriating stupidity. MAGA.

  24. Dave

    Yeah pretty much. Woke or not, we’re still profiting off of racism. And it’s arguably more damaging to the process to be a self-identified “white ally” than to be open about being a racist piece of shit.

    I don’t think it matters what the intentions are. “Tried to do XYZ…” is not an official statistic, and it won’t do dick but stroke your own comfort zone. Step up and do what’s right, and check with others often to make sure you have a good idea of what “right” is.

  25. djmccarrel

    Does anyone know the original source of this graphic? I’m looking for more information and to give appropriate credit.

  26. Dee W.

    Putting things up like this to try to bully people so you don’t have to defend your ignorance intellectually does not make it true. “Denial of White Privilege” – can you explain that? Of course. It’s just one of the latest bull crap terms thrown out there with no meaning just to try to say “well you’re wrong because you’re white” so you don’t actually have to explain it because it can’t be explained because it is a lie – it is intellectually bankrupt, and dishonest. Otherwise you would have to say there is no “white privilege” but “Asian privilege” because Asians outperform all demographic groups in the categories you claim demonstrate “privilege”. This pyramid is of itself racist and the very definition of prejudice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxDO7_C8gy0

  27. Dee W.

    Here’s an exercise for you – are single mothers having children out of wedlock who are white richer or poorer than blacks who waited until they are married to have children? The whites in that example are poorer and the blacks are richer. There is no “white privilege.” Studies show the greatest single way to avoid poverty is to graduate from high school, get a job, and do not have children until after you are married – this fact has no barrier to any race. The reason there is greater poverty among African American communities vs. whites is the higher rate of single motherhood and out of wedlock birth, and no white person forced any of those people to not graduate from high school or have children out of wedlock and not get married. If out of wedlock births were to drop in the African American community they would be richer than whites, because out of wedlock births are on the rise among whites. Skin color has nothing to do with it – unwise decisions have the same effect on us all unless we start out with millions stashed away in a trust fund. It’s reality. Memes and silly graphics like this are not an intellectual or factual argument. You post post garbage like this so you can try to bully people into not speaking or just discredit what they say “just because” – but actual reality still exists, and those of us who espouse it will not be silenced by these intellectually bankrupt and dishonest tactics.

  28. Dahomey

    So basically everybody who’s white is racist to a certain extent, no matter what he/she says, don’t say, do or don’t do. And you assuming a white human being is inherently racist because he/she’s white is, of course, absolutely not racist, demeaning and disgraceful. You know better right?
    Replacing bigotery with bigotery, hate with hate, in the name of “social justice”….Good Job!

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  30. neither here | there

    Reblogged this on Somewhere in |Between| and commented:
    A helpful diagram for discussion. This would be a wonderful workshop or professional development in churches, Christian colleges, activist groups, and many more institutions and relationships. This is an excellent learning tool for people of all levels of engagement and experience in this field.

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  32. GU

    Becky, you are the only person who commented on this thread I can truly understand and relate to. And no one ever answered the persons questions about the pyramid! Unbelievable racist and racism-denial comments, too. Its so sad that so many people think that the only way they can thrive is to deny others rights or prove others wrong. That if whites don’t suppress blacks then blacks will suppress whites. That liberals are crazy and conservatives are stupid? Is it possible to believe that the worst parts of ourselves can be healed and that our fellow man doesn’t have to be our enemy, but can be our friend? Will we ever give peace a chance? Live as children would live if they remained innocent? Forgiving and accepting of one another, before we die with cold, aching hearts? Help each other and talk to each other and don’t be afraid of each other? We know that when people help each other and relate to each other, bonds form and walls break down. All people thrive. It is possible to be a world without have-nots; a world without oppressed; a world without enemies. There are resources enough on this planet for everyone to have the love, education, food and shelter they need. When will we ever learn? When will we understand that we are personally responsible to each other and not just to ourselves? That beyond this existence we may be held accountable for the hate and fear we hold in our hearts, disguised so cleverly as righteousness? It’s such a waste of potential. It’s such a waste that beautiful babies, so perfect and powerful with love, become so ugly and hurt. I hope and pray we all come to our senses before we waste another precious moment.

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  36. At the same time… to suggest that “White Supremacy” is somehow responsible for:
    Having babies while still a child
    “Fathering” a baby then walking away
    Dropping out of school
    Using and dealing drugs or becoming an alcoholic… or both
    Joining a gang
    Committing crimes
    Shooting up your neighborhoods
    Murdering people
    And winding up in prison
    Is intellectually dishonest. And blame shifting.
    And emotionally weak.
    And just plain stupid.

    And excusing such bad behavior treats people acting this way like children.
    Regardless of race.

    1. se

      white supremacy absolutely IS responsible for the destruction of natural family bonds among the enslaved and their descendants. centuries of un-redressed trauma do not simply disappear.

      1. Anonymous

        Please explain how this is a problem exclusive it African Americans but not populations of European Africans that had the same exact history? Or South American Africans or Caribbean Africa’s who were ALL enslaved and treated the same. Only in the US is the population will you find the massive issues mentioned above. If your statement were true then you would see the same trends in ALL former enslaved populations and it simply is not there

      2. Robert

        Why did it take almost 100yrs for the black families to start suffering from the effects or slavery.
        Nearly every one of my friends and classmates had two parent households. 1958-63. Check the stats and the truth will kill your excuses. Single parent households rose in all demographics after the sixties

      3. This comment answers the comment above, blaming victims of America’s war on people of color squarely on the victims of our institutionalized school-to-prison system for black people whose families have been disrupted by the same system for all these years (200–300 years, or back to 1492 whichever you please). When your father and brother are in prison when you are born into poverty in the projects to a mother on AFDC (that’s what welfare was called when my white mother was on Food Stamps when my father was in Vietnam fighting side by side with his black brothers. They were all brothers in poverty, drafted instead of treated like a Trump, while their children starved back in America they fought to protect), yes, perhaps the habits you learn in order to survive are different than those of the Trump family. But it is not treating people born in the projects like babies. It is recognizing that our white supremacy based paternalistic American system is very difficult to overcome when every day your father left the house he was guilty until proven innocent, and they didn’t have DNA evidence in those days so 1 in 3 black chlldren did prison time, while 1 in 10 whites did, both cultures shown to use (so sell) the same amount of drugs. Around 10% of any population become addicts. Portugal, who now have 10 years of good data about what happens when a country decriminalizes crack, heroin, marijuana, meth, coke, vicodin, all drugs…still have about the same 10% of population addicts, but they spend a lot less money by not locking them all in prison, treating them instead like human beings.
        Your stupid comment (two comments above) that black people are criminals and white people not is not supported by the data, racist dumbass.

      4. Black people today are not victims of “centuries of unredressed trauma”. They weren’t alive to be traumatized. Their rage is something that is TAUGHT to them, not something naturally occurring in response to things that happen to them. At some point, black people are going to have to own their own problems and work to fix them themselves rather than expecting white people to fix their problems for them.

      5. SE wrote: “white supremacy absolutely IS responsible for the destruction of national family bonds among the enslaved and their descendants”
        Yes and no. Prior to the Civil War and some years thereafter, “white supremacy” was responsible for the destruction of “family bonds”.
        But now? To believe that is to believe that black Americans are the most weak willed people on the planet. The “destruction of natural family bonds” since the 1960’s can be laid directly at the feet of those who promoted… continued to promote and still promote expanded welfare programs that have decimated the black family by replacing an income producing “father” with the federal and state government. These programs are partly responsible for the over 70% out of wedlock birth rate and the numbers of single parent families in the black community. EVERY study shows that children, regardless of race, who are raised in single parent families without a father in the picture, will be raised in poverty and boys have a higher probability of getting involved in crime. Black Americans (mostly young males) commit 50% of ALL robberies and 50% of ALL murders nationwide. What, because their great, great, great, great grandfather was a slave? Give me a break.
        And who supports these programs? White (Supremacy) Democrats and “black leaders” who make a living off fighting “racism”.
        Don’t believe me?
        Then how come Jews, in one generation, were able to overcome the Holocaust and thrive?
        Or, Japanese Americans, who, in one generation, overcame having everything taken from them and being interned in, for lack of a better word, concentration camps during WWII?
        But somehow, black Americans are still can’t seem to get over slavery which ended in 1865?
        According to well meaning white progressives they can’t. So, who’s the “racist”?

      6. Richard Palmer

        You don’t know much about history. After emancipation, former slaves who continued to live on the same plantation immediately moved away from the slave quarters and built homes for themselves separately from “the big house”. They lived in these houses as single families.

        “Natural family bonds” were not destroyed by slavery. When blacks moved north, they tended to live in single family homes.

    2. Brandy Torres

      The problem is this….white males are the highest sexual offenders that result in child rape and pregnancy…so they do have a hand in that problem. Oh and drug and gun running… Yes these are epidemics driven by immoral white males that take bribes to let drugs and guns into the US from all over the world. Then push those drugs through poor kids in the ghettos…and now we see that creeping onto middle class suburbia. What makes me laugh is that most people werent worried about drug warfare until it got into ” their” neighborhood. If you want to kill that snake you will have to cut off its head…and it lives in wealthy america!😫😲

    3. Debbie Duncan

      Yes, white people need to stop condoning these behaviors when white people engage in them and become self-righteously indignant when people of color are singled out.

    4. Sleyah

      Is it difficult for you to acknowledge a white supremacy problem? Generalizations of black people (the group I’m assuming your comment was directed towards) aside, white supremacy, the topic of this post and current subject of the conversation, is conspicuously absent from your list. I would like to know why you’re not able to call out white supremacy regardless of other problems you perceive as affecting black people.

      1. An ad hominem attack “guglierg”? Just thought you would throw that out there?
        It sure doesn’t require any critical thinking skills.
        Why don’t you pick apart my post and show me where I am wrong. Or is name calling all you got?
        Explain how I, you and our families are personally responsible for the black people gunned down in black Chicago neighborhoods this past weekend.
        By other black people.
        I didn’t sell them a gun. They didn’t steal mine. I don’t even live there. I didn’t vote for their Mayor. I wouldn’t have anyway.
        Again… how is MY or YOUR white skin responsible for that kind of behavior?
        I live in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood in LA County. I am the minority in my neighborhood. We have less shootings in a year than what Chicago gets in a weekend.
        And we all get along. And watch out for one another. It’s not hard.

    5. ShariYS

      Racist stereotyping at its best/worst. Similar behaviors are found among white folks as well, especially in (but not limited to) the lower economic levels. Sir, you are part of the problem.

      1. You are correct ShariYS. And I don’t make excuses for that bad behavior either.
        Notice the last line of my original post. I wrote: “Regardless of race”.
        You obviously read the first lines… “stereotyped” me as a racist and then wrote… “Sir, you are part of the problem”.
        Again… I don’t support any programs (Democratic) that have consistently demonstrated that they destroy the family structure of the family. Black, white or brown.
        But I would bet you do. Which would make you “part of the problem”.

      2. jngalt52: you are so obviously a racist that I don’t understand how I could explain it to you other than make you re-read your posts; sorry if you feel offended by the obvious. My question, instead, was an honest one: why are you reading and/or contributing to a discussion on a blog called “radical discipleship”. It should be pretty obvious that a disciple of Jesus cannot be a racist. One does not even need to be a “radical” disciple, just a mainstream one would do.

    6. R

      Slavery ended only a little over 100 years ago, segregation ended just around when my parents were born. Absolutely white supremacy and its influence on state and city infrastructure and legislature has something to do with the gang “culture”, drug problems, poor schooling, criminal environment, whatever else you wanna attribute to black Americans, in poor urban areas. Do your history research. Decades, recent ones at that, of housing and hiring discrimination, discriminatory lending, and a justice system that’s been proven to racially discriminate (90’s Clinton-era criminal bills, hello??) means communities with real people and real families are all directly affected one way or another. If you don’t want to believe that, then I don’t know what to tell you except do your Googles. There’s a reason why school segregation in large cities is a major thing, why neighborhoods turn to shit, etc.

      You’re a product of your environment; where you live, go to school with, your neighbors, all of it has an influence on one’s choices. This is not something a person would understand though if they’ve lived in a positive, supportive environment their entire lives. All those things you listed can just as well apply to white people in poor rural areas of the country. Actually, I think the country refers to them as “white trash”

    1. Terri

      MLK did not dream of a colorblind society. He noted that one day his children could be judged by how they are and not the color of their skin. He wanted differences to be equal but not ignored. Please reread his doctrine.

      1. W. McIain

        YES! Ms. Brandy!!! YES! Ms. Terri!!! A little louder so the willfully ignorant in the back of the, in the next BUILDING can hear you! Keep shuttin ’em down with the quickness… 🤣

      2. Dan

        Colorblindness doesn’t mean you don’t notice that people whose ancestors descended from different parts of the world tend to have different physical features. It just means those differences are irrelevant.

        Attaching no importance to a person’s skin color is “covert white supremacy?”
        This narrative makes makes no sense.

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  39. a tiny goat

    this chart makes no sense. The axes aren’t labeled. It’s not clear why it’s a triangle. It could just as easily be a vertical list with a bar near the top

  40. Dr Colonel

    Why did you mar this graphic with a political slogan? You could have used Democrat FDR’s 1932 campaign slogan “Happy Days are Here Again!” Sounds a lot like Mr. Trump’s don’t you think?

  41. I am Chinese American living near San Francisco (also being classified as a White Supremacist by this chart) This chart had gone too far and killed off any meaningful conversation on race and relationship due to its eagerness to put people in the Racist Camp. The author might as well say breathing makes people White Supremacists.

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  43. Richard Palmer

    You don’t know much about history. After emancipation, former slaves who continued to live on the same plantation immediately moved away from the slave quarters and built homes for themselves separately from “the big house”. They lived in these houses as single families.

    “Natural family bonds” were not destroyed by slavery. When blacks moved north, they tended to live in single family homes.

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  47. Ummmm…. yeah. Has it occurred to anyone just how circular that pyramid scheme is? There is no off ramp to happiness for anyone but those who spew the chart out loudest – and it’s hard to see an end game even for them. Ridiculous things like questioning any story offered by anyone of particular colors. Or daring to question the narrative, or even offering to join the cause and be an ally. Lol. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious. But we’ve seen this kind of nonsense before. Anyone on here posting in support of that thing needs to do a quick read or re-read of The Cultural Revolution and Animal Farm. The kind of circular “logic” in that chart is meant as a way to exert power over others and silence debate.. in perpetuity. “All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others”. Indeed. It is most definitely harmful to the cause of race relations, not helpful.

    1. Richard Palmer

      The “white supremacy” analysis is turning into a bad attempt at an ideological purity test. Analogies are the RINO flap in the Republican party seven years ago, “re-education” camps in Vietnam, catholic confession, … Confess your thought crimes, make a sincere public act of contrition, pay a small fine and you are on your way. You can see some of the public confessions on YouTube.

      The sad part is that it has turned problem solving and thinking into theology. Per the “White Supremacy” theorists, white supremacy is the whole and complete explanation for any problems for POC in the US and nothing else is going on.

      I think there is a LOT more going on. There are analyses about class that might explain how problems POC face and people on the alt-right face are two sides of the same coin. There are battles to be thought about gerrymandering that directly affect minorities all over the country, there are existing laws reducing systematic discrimination that need to be enforced, … Finally, there are problems particular to individual “sides” like black on black murder and white suicide.

      I personally hope that the white supremacy theorists start to recognize the paucity of their moral vision and their lack of political acumen. They could easily become part of making things better if they could get beyond their self-satisfied righteousness.

  48. Vet

    You think I as as a white girl have never been discriminated against because of the color of my skin?

    Dream on. The military is full of reverse racism. I’ve personally been on the receiving end of a lot of the garbage in this pyramid, mostly at Walter Reed Army Medical Center before they finally wised up and shut it down. This despite the fact that I was one of those who preferred to keep my head down and my mouth shut.

    So, whatever.

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  50. Slava Vlasov

    Considering ambiguous things like “Euro-centric curriculum”, “English only initiatives” and “Celebrating Columbus day” to be evidence of racism, and equating them with blatantly illegal activities is deeply problematic. From my personal experience the loudest proponents of this type of thought policing are white, privileged, sheltered millennials (who, for some odd reason, stay away from black neighborhoods.) Also, FYI, discriminatory lending is how banks stay in business.

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  55. D W Harrison

    This is absolutely, total delusional bullshit. If a Frenchman wants French to be the official language of France, he’s a racist? You people are psychologically unstable, you all need counseling big time.
    Paternalism, meaning you respect the Biblically prescribed leadership of the father in the home is racist? Believing that we are all one human family, as Jesus preached, and the Bible proclaims again & again, is racist?
    You people are psychotic freaks!!!

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  58. Aaron

    Who ever wrote this is an agent of Satan and a racist to other white people or stereo typing whites. Or at least whites that are pro trump. Be care teaching this crap, your pupils will become communists, even worse than socialists. It will be our youth that pay the price to intolerance. I will not defend Trumps past, but will defend his future, because it involves my future. Which is much brighter now that those that pulled my life down are out of the white house. When I live in Florida and wanted to go swimming in a community pool I was not allowed to because I was white. At work I was a white slave to minorities. Thank God for Trump and may God bless Trump and make America great again!

    1. Truetomyself

      Why doesn’t college try teaching that people have freewill and the power within themselves to guide their own lives? History teaches us it is more difficult to create than to destroy. Each person’s challenge is to create their path in life and not to destroy others along the way.

      1. Lester

        It’s hilarious you mention that, because SJWs constantly destroy other peoples’ lives nonstop. Whether it’s on Twitter or they’re rioting like savage monkeys in the streets, they want to fuck people over that don’t play into their stupid game.

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  61. Lester

    SJWs are devising literal pyramid schemes to spread their propaganda now. They’re not even trying to hide the fact that they’re brainwashing people into this garbage as a means to “end racism”. The sooner these sick bastards just admit they hate white people and their existence, the better it’ll be for everyone.

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  68. This is crazy. I am black, and I think America has gone mad with its obsession with race. Not everything is racist, people. Please get a life. Most white people are very nice people, friendly, and fair in their dealings. America is being divided by the media and the democrats, and it is a shame. I hope and pray that real Americans will see through this nonsense, and vote them all out in November.

    And if you are white, please refuse to feel guilty because of the color of your skin. Don’t allow these fascists to beat you down with their guilt attacks.

    Yes, America took part in slavery. So did Arabs. Romans. Greeks. Africans. Asians. And every powerful country since the beginning of time.

    And America is the only country that went above and beyond to address slavery, so far as to fight a civil war to end it. Many white people who are being accused of racism today are descendants of those who died in the civil war to free the slaves. Many descendants of slaves are millionaires and billionaires today.

    Leave the past behind and look to the future.

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