Prayer: There is a moment between sleep and awakening

index.jpgBy Michael Boucher

There is a moment between sleep and awakening
When the dream world makes itself available
For us to deeply remember
What it is we need to know

Original instructions
On how to be human
On how to be in creation
On how to risk
On how to care for one another
On how to find joy

Our bodies remember these original instructions
But under the weight of so many pressures
So much injustice
So much trauma
So many wounds
We can forget or are told to forget
But the forests do not forget
The salmon do not forget
The rivers do not forget
The birds, flowers, bears and crickets do not forget
They call us back home

This Advent
Lead us into a stillness, O God,
Where we can hear, once again, our original instructions
That help us make straight the path
Of love and justice
In our hearts and homes
On our streets and in our communities

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